Eli Awakening

Good morning world!
It’s a new day!
What new things will I learn today?
Does God live in Colorado?
Where the bison say ‘moo’?
And why is it only at nighttime that I say hi to the moon?

Oh, what new adventures does today have in store?
What new places and things can I explore?
Mami, I can fit in the pantry and close the door.
Oh yes, I need to roll around on the floor.
Outside in the dirt is the best place to play.
That’s where I imagine best as I play the day away.

Mami, why do you sigh
when I tell everyone hi?
I have to yell very loud
cuz I’m small you see, my hi gets lost in a crowd.
I find all the people interesting
especially when their forehead is wrinkling.

I like to make people smile
see Mami, so many haven’t done it in a while.
I just love to laugh and wiggle
and it’s more fun when I make other people giggle.

Oh Mami the day is almost done
I think I’ve almost finished all my fun
and after my day I want to cuddle
read me a book so we can snuggle
and now it’s time to kiss you goodnight
as I drift off to sleep in happy delight.
For today was a good day
Mami I learned so much.
There were so many people’s hearts that I touched.

I went on so many adventures
discovered so many treasures.
Laughed until I fell to the floor
and made people smile, even the biggest bore!
Mami, I even gave lots of compliments!
Yup today was filled with accomplishments.

Ok Mami I’m going to bed now.
I’m so tired so I yawn then I bow
and I thank the day for the adventures I had.
Oh it gave me so much, I’m so glad.
Well Mami here I go
my twinkling, mischievous eyes close.
I smile as off to dreamland I float
because I know tomorrow is another day full of hope!


I yell to the bright eyed boy
Whose outstretched hands
Are within danger’s ploy
His small, anxious fingers
Wriggle, writhe & want
All the things he wants but can not

I scream to the curly head
Who runs around my bed
Trying to jump & climb
& just have fun
But whose mom is too uptight
To allow him to run

I beg to the chubby feet I chase
Who just had chocolate ice cream to taste
His lit up eyes open wide in wonder
At his mom’s yell that sounds like thunder
All he wanted to do with his sticky mouth
Is to rub it clean all over her white couch

I whisper to his sleeping angelic face
Wondering where the day went; why it felt like such a waste
Yelling, screaming & begging tiny little hands
To stop touching everything within his grasp
His boyish ways will soon come to an end
His small chubby hands grow large with abandon
His tiny feet won’t run across the floor
They will soon be gone & out the door
Why do I realize at the end of the day
I don’t have much longer to cuddle him this way
And all that frustration will be gone in memory wisps
And I will miss his boyish antics & this tiny face I kiss.