Pain of Regret

“Pain of Regret”
I don’t know why I have been so focused on regrets lately. I’ve just been wishing I had done things different, wishing I started sooner, wishing I knew then what I know now. 
🤦🏽‍♀️ But there is no use in wishing away regrets. It only holds you to the past instead of focusing on a brighter future. I know this but feel trapped in these regrets. Does anybody else feel me?
Either way I can at least learn the lesson to experience the pain of discipline now, stop the procrastination so I don’t have to repeat this pain cycle again later down the road.


Can we be real? We like to think we’re these compassionate people who are so in tune to others needs and yet when confronted with an uncomfortable situation we put on a bandage with cute sayings of “it will be ok this too shall pass” or “time heals all wounds” or “this won’t matter 5 years from now”. Then we pat that person on the back and move on with our lives. People are hurting and a cute saying we heard from someone else or saw on social media isn’t a quick fix all. Peoples hurts and problems don’t cook off in a microwave of set time. I remember being in a rush with a friend I hadn’t seen a while in school and she was in pain I could see it on her face. I gave her a quick comforting word and hug then said we would catch up & took off. That weekend she committed suicide. It’s haunted me since. Instead of just moving on with life at fast pace, slow down, find out what’s wrong then sometimes don’t even give advice just an understanding hug. Pray for them but follow up. Send them constant encouraging words. Ask how you can help. Just be a constant loving reminder that yes their problems with pass but until then you’re the friend they need to see them through until then. You never know what life you may save…..or when you’ll need that type of help in return.
Prayers of a Wounded Warrior


Why do people feel the need to rush grief? People put a time limit on how long we are supposed to be sad/grieving and then it’s time to move on “there is a season of grieving a season of joy”. True grief never really goes away. It’s always sitting there like a friend we’re not sure we like or dislike. Eventually the grief doesn’t feel like a drowning sadness but instead a dull ache that reminds us of our loss every so often. But it never truly goes away.
Why does grief make people uncomfortable? I appreciate the intention of those trying to “cheer up” or “alleviate” “help forget” or “console” the griever. But sometimes it’s best to let that person grieve, and grieve with them. Avoiding grief prolongs it, & the longer it has to wait the harder it is to deal with.
Next time when someone wants to cry, vent or just be sad…let them. Just hold them, acknowledge their grief as valid & grieve with them.
Prayers of a Wounded Warrior


I was listening to a message by Dr Henry Cloud which inspired this poem. He talked about how a gardener was explaining to him how to grow a rose bush. You see a rose bush has a lot of good buds on it. So many in face no matter how much you nurture it, the bush can’t sustain the amount of buds it has. So, the gardener prunes away the good buds to allow the great ones to bloom.
We all have dreams, desire, goals and visions in our lives but there is something holding us back and it’s not always bad. I have pinpointed several “good” areas that just aren’t sustainable anymore if I want to achieve the great things I want to accomplish. I need to prune those things away. It hurts (I’m already resisting!) but pushing through and knowing this will allow the great goals to be achieved is the end game to keep in mind so that you can make the cut.


When making changes I tend to spot everything ugly that I want to change now. But it takes take time to see those changes come to fruition, but it doesn’t take the pain away of seeing the ugly. I just pray that I can get through this season and see the beauty in the process. Get my beauty for ashes and for some of the ugly that we can’t change – it’s like mushrooms. Some people think they’re ugly while others think they’re fascinating. And even mushrooms have purpose on the earth.
Prayers of a Wounded Warrior