Detective Ramos Archives – Part 13

Tears ran down Elaine’s cheeks as she gazed at the innocent face she held in her hands. “Tommy” she cried a sob caught in her throat.

Tommy’s eyes blinked slowly as he tried to focus on Elaine.

“Owe.” He mumbled.

Elaine’s heart soared. She started patting him down looking for any other injuries as Tommy sat up.

“Are you hurt? Are you ok? Did you get shot?” She pressed unable to believe he wasn’t shot.

“No, I don’t think so. I got scared when I heard the shots. I slipped and fell & bit my lip it hurts…” Tommy stopped short his eyes widened and his mouth dropped as he looked around her. Elaine’s breathing quickened as she sensed people behind her. She closed her eyes and slowly turned around. When she opened her eyes again what she saw took her breath away.

The area was flooded with police cars, helicopters, federal trucks and a multitude of cops pointing guns at them. Elaine slowly stood putting one hand up in surrender and the other wrapped protectively around Tommy.

She heard a commotion as Nick and his henchmen swore at each other as they put their hands up in defeat. She heard Tommy sobbing as he pulled away from her and ran to his fallen friend. Medics surrounded them. One went to Tommy as he was bent over Sonny. Elaine’s eyes glassed over as she saw the medic console Tommy, his shoulders shaking. She closed her eyes and thanked the dog she hadn’t met for saving their lives by giving up his own.

A few hours and a million questions later Elaine stared at the swirling black mass of stale coffee in her cup. The warm blanket they gave her at the station did nothing to stop the chill of the past events. She swallowed more of the hot liquid warming her body and soothing her nerves.

After giving her statement several times and a tearful farewell to Sonny their hero; Elaine and Tommy sat in the busy police station waiting to be released. About an hour ago Tommy’s parents had come, wrapping him up in their arms as they cried and thanked Elaine over and over again. Now they talked in hushed tones to their lawyer on the other side of the precinct. Elaine overheard something about disbanding the charity and giving the money to an orphanage in town. Mr. Dunstram was preparing a statement to withdraw his candidacy for office.

Suddenly Tommy jerked upright.

“Detective!” he shouted, raising a few heads. Elaine looked questioningly at Tommy, his eyes still red from crying.

“What is it Tommy?”

“I forgot to pay you!” Tommy began rummaging through the pockets of his jeans, his blanket falling to the floor as he squirmed.

“Oh Tommy, don’t worry about it ok?”

Tommy’s hand emerged, several crumpled bills held tightly in his tiny fist. He placed the bills in Elaine’s hand. “$500 like I promised.”

Elaine suppressed a smile as she noticed five $1 bills in her hand.

“Tommy, I can’t take your money.” She said seriously. “I didn’t fulfill my job. You lost your dog and it’s my fault. Here, take it and use it to buy something to put on Sonny’s grave.” Tommy’s face fell slightly.

“Thank you for your help Detective. I will never forget you.” Tommy reached over and hugged Elaine tightly. Her heart melted. Tommy waved goodbye as his mother took his hand and led him away, whispering “thank you” to Elaine.

Mr. Dunstram awkwardly walked toward her. “Thank you for what you did for my son.” He mumbled.

Elaine looked him squarely in his face. “You’re welcome sir. Please don’t worry your secrets are safe with me. I was just doing my job. Tommy is a sweet boy I would do anything for him. I just wanted to get him home safe.”

Mr. Dunstram nodded his head and walked away. Elaine let out a frustrated breathe. That’s when she noticed the Dunstram’s lawyer.

“Detective Elaine Ramos?” he said briskly.


“This is for you.” He handed her a manila envelope. Elaine’s heart sank. She was being sued. She looked up at the lawyer. “The Dunstram’s thank you for rescuing their son.” And with that he bustled away. Elaine tore open the envelope where a check lay inside. She stared at the amount her mouth hanging open in surprise. She closed her eyes and whispered thank you.

When she opened them she was confronted by a pair of concerned hazel eyes staring at her. She jumped back and noticed the handsome officer looking at her with concern.

“Miss, are you ok?” he asked his eyebrows knitted together.

Elaine smiled wide. “Yes I am fine.”

The officer smiled back, his smile causing a dimple to show in one cheek and Elaine’s heart to flutter. “Well I’m glad you are well. I unfortunately have some bad news for you.” Elaine’s heart sank. “Nick Palatnokiv was released due to some technicalities. Word is he is not happy with you, so you have been put on 24 hour police surveillance. Lucky for you, I am first on duty and am here to escort you home.” He smiled again flashing that dimple.

Elaine smiled back. Maybe this wasn’t such bad news and after the past couple days how much more trouble could she get into?

That concludes all documentation for the Detective Ramos Case #1 Archives.
Elaine will upload documentation for Case #2 available soon…

Detective Ramos Archives – Part 12

“Stop shooting you idiots!” Nick cried in rage and pain. “You shot me you moron!”

Elaine sat up to see a wounded Nick clutching his thigh, his face contorted in pain. That was when she remembered Tommy and she swung her head searching for him. He was sitting a few feet away from Sonny and Nick wrestling in the snow. A mingled look of horror and concern played across his face. Nick’s henchmen stopped shooting and ran toward the scuffle. They stood awkwardly by shouting at each other trying to figure out how to break it up without getting bitten.

Elaine saw her opportunity. Jumping up from the ground she quickly ran to the still seated Tommy and grabbed his arm, dragging him to a standing position.

“We have to run Tommy!” she shouted to him. He nodded numbly and they began to slip across the snowy ground toward the large dumpsters that stood approximately 100 feet away. Elaine’s breath came out in puffs in front of her as she tried to run in the snow, dragging Tommy along behind her. Getting away was slow in the snow and with a small child in tow. She was about half way to the dumpsters when she heard a sickening thud and a pained yelp and whimper. She felt herself slip as she was dragged to the ground by Tommy who had tried to stop and look around.

“Sonny!” Tommy cried, tears forming in his eyes. He pushed himself up and began to run back in the direction of the fight and the now injured dog lying on the ground.

“No Tommy! Come back!” Elaine called sliding in her tracks as she attempted to stop Tommy. She finally was able to gather her footing by digging her toes in the snow and launching herself forward trying to catch the small boy. She watched in terror as she saw Nick yell from the ground and point in their direction. The men around him looked up and began pointing their guns in their direction.

“Tommy stop!” she screamed as a loud sound filled her ears as shots rang out. Everything seemed to go into slow motion. Elaine felt the air rush around her and she heard different shouts from everywhere. Then the unthinkable happened. As the shots rang out she saw Tommy slip and fall in the slippery snow.

“Nooo!” she screamed running with everything in her toward the small figure now lying still in the snow. She slipped and slid on her knees as she came up to his body that was faced down. She quickly reached over and turned over Tommy’s small body. She chocked back a sob as she saw blood trickle from Tommy’s lips, his mouth curled and his eyes open wide in shock. Tears blurred Elaine’s vision. She tried to feel around Tommy’s tiny frame for the bullet wound. She had to stop the bleeding but she couldn’t find where he was hit. She began to sob loudly and shake in shock and rage. She furiously wiped away at her tears and grabbed Tommy’s face in frustration. Her heart ached as she blinked back the tears trying to focus on his innocent face. This was all her fault.

To Be Continued…

Detective Ramos Archives – Part 11

Elaine couldn’t believe it. This whole time the rumors were true. Nick was trying to donate money to the Dunstram’s charity that was a cover for George Dunstram’s (Tommy’s father) campaign fund.

“I tried to contact your father, little boy, but he wouldn’t answer my calls. I called and called but he ignored me, so I went to his charity event to confront him in person. I told him of my “contribution” to his fund and how I would be requesting his help every now and then once he was elected to office. Nick looked down at the tiny boy shivering next to him. He moved his hand from Tommy’s arm to his head and rubbed it almost affectionately.

“Oh but Tommy, how he spoke to me! He told me I was wrong and he wouldn’t do something that low. He said he knew the type of person I was and the awful things I did and that he didn’t want to be a part it. He had the audacity to tell me no and that I needed to get out and never speak to him again. He said if I contacted him again he would get the police involved. I warned him that it would cost him dearly if he did that. I put a lot of money into him. He said he wouldn’t if I left him alone.”

Nick looked at Elaine his eyes ablaze with rage. “But he had to send you.”

Elaine’s eyes widened. “No he didn’t! You have it all wrong!” she stuttered.

Nick ignored her. “He thought he wouldn’t be obvious, using the boy to contact you. He thought he could hide it from me, but nothing is hidden from me here. I had his phone tapped. I heard your phone call and the fake meeting to find Sonny. I sent the dog to get his son’s attention. I wanted to earn his trust to use him later. But then you got involved. I knew you were up to no good when you showed up at my Deli. I had to take the boy then to send a message but you still kept snooping around! You had to show up and look around my factory. You had to try and stop me. He thought you could stop me, but oh how wrong he was and because of his mistake his son must now die.” Tommy began to wail when Nick placed the gun at the back of his head. Elaine’s eyes searched around her for any way to escape.

“But first…you must die.” Nick pointed the gun back at Elaine. Elaine closed her eyes waiting for the last sound she would ever hear.

Instead Elaine heard another sound, a low growling that turned into loud barking. Then she heard shouts from different directions. Elaine’s eyes flew open and she noticed Nick no longer looking at her but instead was staring perplexed to her right. Before she could turn to see what caught his attention she saw Nick’s face crumple in horror. He shouted a curse as a large black furry object jumped on him knocking both Elaine and Tommy down. Elaine looked up from the snowy pavement to see Sonny’s teeth clamped down on the arm that Nick held his gun. Nick screamed in pain and dropped the gun with a clatter to the ground.

Chaos ensued. Nick’s henchmen all started shouting at once, unsure of what to do. They attempted to shout over Nick’s screams and Sonny’s growls but their voices were drowned out. A shot rang out and Elaine ducked covering her head. Nick howled in pain and rage.

To Be Continued….

Detective Ramos Archives – Part 10

“Where is he?” Nick seethed into Elaine’s ear. The cold barrel of the gun pressed against her temple. Elaine closed her eyes and took a deep breathe. When she opened them she stared straight into Nick’s icy gaze.

Shivering Elaine responded “I don’t know.” Her chest hurt from her pounding heart. Facing down the barrel of a gun was extremely stressful. Nick sucked in the air between his teeth then let out a deep sigh.

“I’m tired of your games Detective. Goodbye.” Elaine heard the click of the gun and she braced herself for the shot.

“No! Don’t hurt her!” Elaine’s eyes searched for the small voice she heard. Her stomach dropped as to her horror she saw Tommy emerge from behind a dumpster. Tommy’s whole body trembled as he put his hands up. “Please don’t hurt her.”

“Nick, please let him go.” Elaine pleaded. “You don’t need him. It’s me you need to deal with.”

Nick ignored Elaine as he snapped at the men around him. “Go get the boy!” He growled. When he looked back at Elaine the coldness in his eyes froze her in place. “This is not about you. I need him not you but since you want to make other people’s business your business you have made yourself involved. And therefore my priority.”

Elaine’s eyes darted between Tommy and Nick. Her mind raced thinking of any possible way she could get both of them out of this alive. Or at least Tommy. Her heart ached for him. He was innocent and didn’t deserve to be involved in this. The men dragged Tommy’s small frame easily and placed him in front of Nick. Without removing the gun from her temple, he snatched Tommy with his other hand and gripped his arm. He pulled the shivering boy to his side.

“Please don’t do this. You don’t have to do this.” Elaine’s eyes begged with the cold glint in Nick’s eyes.

Tommy whimpered as Nick squeezed his arm tighter.

“Detective…Detective. If you had only minded your own business.” He smirked. “This had nothing to do with you. I wasn’t going to even hurt the boy. I have given him every treat and junk food he could ever want. I let him watch all the TV he wanted. He played video games all day. Isn’t that right Tommy?” When Tommy didn’t respond he roughly shook him.

“Yes.” Tommy mumbled.

“That’s right Tommy. I was so good to you wasn’t I? I just wanted to scare your father that’s all.” Nick’s face darkened, his smile growing larger and more malicious with each word. “But your father didn’t want to cooperate with me. I could have helped him. I knew his charity was just a cover. I knew all the money went to him to help fund his campaign. I could have helped him before he got caught. The rumors were already out, it was only a matter of time. That’s why I donated to his charity. I was going to help him get elected and he was going to help me take over the city.”

Elaine gasped. So the rumors were true.

To Be Continued…

Detective Ramos Archives – Part 9

Elaine’s muscles ached as she stood in the middle of the box truck waiting for the door to open. It felt like hours had passed when she finally heard the latch move and the door slowly slide open. Without thinking Elaine jumped at the first shadowy figure she saw and yelled “Run!” at Tommy before sinking her fist into the face of the person she jumped on. The man yelled in surprise and anger as she tumbled on the ground. She saw a leg kick at her and she rolled away in time before it connected. As she stood on shaky legs she felt cold steel against her neck. She quickly turned and grabbed at the gun but in the struggle it fell with a clatter and skidded underneath the truck. A large hand came across Elaine’s face and she fell to the ground.

She struggled to get up quickly, tasting blood on her lips. She whirled around to find three large men staring furiously back at her. One man was on his knees, a large lump on the side of his face. The way he surveyed her angrily she guessed that was the one she had jumped on. She noticed the other two men were holding guns haphazardly at their sides, unsure of what to do. Before she could move she saw Nick storm around the side of the truck.

“What’s going on?” He yelled agitatedly. Elaine did a cursory glance at her surroundings. She was on some type of shipyard loading dock. She could see the ships and ocean to her left and to her right were rows of warehouses dusted with grimy snow. The dirty snow reminded her that she had no jacket on and the biting wind chilled her to her bones causing her to shiver. She looked back around at the truck and was relieved to find Tommy gone. She hoped he escaped.

Nick looked at the odd scene in front of him and stood still waiting for an answer. “Patno!” he yelled at the man on his knees. “What happened?”

The man on his knees stood. “As soon as we opened the truck she jumped out and punched me!” He answered heatedly.

“Didn’t you tie her up?” Nick asked exasperated.

“Yes.” All three men nodded.

“Well obviously not good enough!” Nick walked to the back of the truck peering inside. “Where’s the boy?”

The three men looked at each other in alarm. “He was in there when we left.” The one named Patno responded as he walked up to the truck and jumped in to look around. All three men began searching for Tommy. When it was obvious that he was not inside or around the truck Nick rounded on Elaine and stalked toward her eyes blazing.

“Where is he?” he bellowed loudly enough to echo off the surrounding buildings making Elaine’s teeth chatter.

“Who?” She asked innocently. Nick strode up to her and slapped her with the back of his hand. Elaine’s mouth filled with blood.

“I won’t ask you again. Where is he?” Nick raised his hand but Elaine remained silent staring defiantly at him before spitting the blood in her mouth at his face. Nick opened his eyes slowly grabbing a tissue from his pocket and wiping the blood from his face. He let out a low breath. “Fine we will do this the hard way.” He reached into the inside pocket of his jacket producing a gun. He calmly walked up to Elaine and pushed the gun into her temple. Elaine closed her eyes as she felt the cold metal rub against the side of her head. Nick breathed heavily into her ear. “Where is he?”

To Be Continued…

Detective Ramos Archives – Part 8

Elaine was awoken by a throbbing pain in her head. She attempted to open her eyes but was instantly hit with a wave of pain that made her nauseous. She attempted to lift her arms to hold her aching head but found she couldn’t move them. As her body adjusted to the pain and her brain cleared she started to hear movement around her. Small shuffling was coming from her right accompanied by a low rumbling noise. She could feel herself swaying slightly. Finally she was able to slowly open her eyes only to find her surroundings pitch black. The only light she encountered was a dim sliver to her left. From her surroundings she figured she must be in a box truck.

She moaned as her body creaked with the effort to get up from lying on her side. Elaine heard a small gasp in front of her. “Who’s there?” she croaked.

“Are you alive?” a tiny voice trembled.

“Tommy?” Relief flooded Elaine. “Tommy are you ok?” She attempted to reach out in the darkness to hold the small boy but found her hands were tied behind her back. She heard scraping as Tommy scooted toward her.

“I’m ok.” He whispered. “But I’m really scared.”

“It’s ok. I’m here and I’m going to help you.”

“How? You’re tied up I saw them do it.”

Elaine wasn’t sure. She began to think quickly of an escape plan. She felt the binding around her wrist and realized it was a zip tie. If only she could find something sharp.

“Tommy I need you’re help. Did you see what was in here?”

“I don’t know. I just saw blankets and a box that smells like hamburgers.”

“Ok, can you feel around and see if there is anything sharp?”

“I don’t know.” Tommy began to whimper.

“Tommy, listen to me. It’s going to be ok but I need you to stay calm. Please just feel around and see if you can find something sharp. If I can cut myself loose I can get you out of here but I need you to be a big boy and do this for me.”

Tommy’s whimpers subsided. “I have a pocket knife in my backpack my daddy gave me for my birthday. It has a bunch of cool stuff on it and a knife.”

“Perfect! Bring it to me please and hurry!” She heard Tommy shuffle across the truck and back and return to her side. She could hear him digging in his bag for a few minutes when he finally placed something cold and smooth in her cupped hands. Elaine flipped open the knife and began working quickly sawing at the zip tie. After a few minutes of awkward, sweaty grunt work she was able to free herself. Rubbing her sore wrists she quickly stood and walked to her left to the sliver of light. It was the truck door. She felt around hoping to find a latch or handle but only realized they must be locked inside.

Suddenly the truck jerked to a halt sending Elaine and Tommy tumbling to the ground. She heard the engine die and doors slam. Two muffled voices began moving around outside. Elaine grabbed the backpack and shoved it into Tommy’s hands as she helped him up.

“Tommy, when this door opens I am going to jump out and surprise them. When I do you need to jump down and run away as fast as you can and try to hide. I will distract them so you can get away. When it’s safe go find help and don’t stop until you do. Do you understand?”

“What about you?”

“I’ll be ok just do as I say, promise?


“Good, now get behind me. Remember run as fast as you can.” She grabbed the little boy’s trembling arms and guided him behind her. She positioned herself near the middle of the truck door. Her nerves on edge she was like a lion ready to pounce. She just hoped this plan worked.

To Be Continued…

Detective Ramos Archives – Part 7

Elaine was caught leaning out of the window in Nick Palatnokiv’s office trying to escape. She turned to see two men staring at her with a mixture of anger and confusion. Elaine thought quickly.

“I-uh, I’m checking the security system in here. Did you know this window was open? The boss would be pretty mad if he found out.” Elaine tried to sound as knowledgeable as possible. The man on the right who had on a tan button down shirt and hardhat squinted at her.

“Who are you? Let me see your badge.” He demanded cautiously taking steps toward her.

Elaine snatched her badge from her chest pocket and flashed it at the men glancing at it as she hid it back in her pocket. “Name’s Peterson. I just started not too long ago. I am just doing a cursory check to make sure this area is secure. I noticed this window was open so I came in to close it.” Elaine’s palms were sweating as she shoved them in her pocket to hide their shaking.

Both men surveyed her for a bit before the man on the left with a blue button down shirt and a baseball hat with the company logo on it leaned over to the man on the right and whispered. Elaine leaned slightly forward trying to overhear. She heard the man in the blue shirt whisper “Jacobs mentioned hiring someone. I guess this is who he was talking about. Let’s let her go and ask him about it tomorrow.” The other man nodded his head in agreement.

“Ok Peterson, you are free to go but you need to leave this area until you get the proper clearance.” The men gestured her out of the office. Sighing Elaine nodded her head and moved toward the door. With shaky legs she walked down the stairs steadying herself on the hand railing. When she reached the bottom of the stairs her stomach sank as she saw who was approaching. The big burly man from earlier was striding her way a look of pure rage across his face.

“What is going on?” He bellowed at the two men behind her. He stopped in front of Elaine and glared at her. She pulled her cap lower over her eyes to hopefully hide her identity.

The man in the tan shirt came up behind her to explain. “This is Peterson. She was doing a cursory check and noticed a window open in the boss’ office. Jacobs must have hired her.”

“No one is allowed in the boss’ office!” Burly man growled turning redder with every word. Everyone froze speechless and unsure of what to do. Elaine was about to suggest that she just be on her way and they clear this up tomorrow when she heard a commotion behind her. She saw a man struggling with what looked like a big bag trying to drag it to the loading dock. Suddenly the bag slide off and a small boy popped out.

“Detective Ramos!” she heard a tiny shout.

“Tommy!” She cried. The burly man tried to grab Elaine but she spun around out of his grasp. She darted around the two men in the button up shirts and sprinted across the concrete toward Tommy. She watched as the bag was pulled over Tommy and he was dragged out the loading dock door.

As she tried to follow, her way was blocked by the burly man who had somehow caught up to her. Elaine attempted to dash around him but he easily caught her and threw her back. She stumbled but quickly steadied herself and reached for her gun. She pulled it on burly man as he approached her.

“MOVE!” She grunted as he smirked coldly at her. That’s when she felt someone close in behind her. Before she could react with a thud she was slammed in the back of the head. She crumpled down in a heap before blacking out.

To Be Continued…