Detective Ramos Archives #2 – Part 2

“I said put your hands up and don’t move!” As Elaine’s eyes adjusted to the light she could see Officer Jose Ramos standing with his gun raised at someone in her kitchen. His body was rigid so Elaine crept up behind him to get a look at who was in her kitchen. “I’m not going to ask you again. Put your hands up!” Jose steadied himself while he aimed his gun. Elaine heard movement as she tried to get a peek around Jose’s broad shoulders. Jose shifted his stance and she was finally able to see an older man with thinning grey hair, a scruffy grey beard with bald spots and a flannel with stained faded jeans.

“Mr. Murphy?” she said incredulously causing Jose to falter in his stance. He cast his eyes sideways at Elaine.

“You know him?” he mumbled.

“Yes, he is my landlord. Mr. Murphy what are you doing here?” she skirted around Jose into the narrow kitchen and starred quizzically at the gangly man in front of her. Mr. Murphy slightly lowered his arms as heat rose into his cheeks. He looked crossly at Jose.

“Well…umm…I heard on the news that you had been in a shooting or something and I figured you’d be at the police station all night so I came by to keep an eye on your place.” He fumbled as he shifted from foot to foot refusing to look either Elaine or Jose in the face. Elaine’s mouth was open in exasperation. She kept mostly to herself and usually avoided his nosey antics into the other tenants’ lives. He always inserted himself into everyone’s business in the building but this was definitely not the time for him to be in hers.

Jose lowered his gun and sensing Elaine’s frustration stepped in front of her. She whirled away to sit in her living room seething to herself Jose say “Well, sir, it is not lawful for the landlord to enter the premise of a tenants home without prior consent or in the case of an emergency and as this is neither I suggest you leave. Thank you for your concern but it is no longer needed at this time. I will see you out.” Elaine shot Jose a grateful look as he followed out a shuffling Mr. Murphy who cast his eyes about trying to soak in as much information as he could before Jose unceremoniously shut the door in his face.

“Pretty nosey landlord to accompany this debacle of a night.” Elaine looked up to see Jose smiling down at her. She smiled gratefully.

“Thank you so much for getting him out of here. He is the last person I wanted to see tonight…besides Nick Palatnokiv of course.” She smirked then gestured for Jose to take a seat next to her. Jose sat and looked appreciatively around at the apartment Elaine stayed in. Elaine’s office may have been a mess, like her career, but her home was usually spotless. Then again she was rarely there.

“Don’t worry about Nick. The whole police force is on alert. They know his track record and they are just waiting for him to make a mistake so they can finally get him. It’s only a matter of time.” Jose reached over and patted Elaine’s hand that rested on her knee.

“How much time? A day? A week? Two months? Two years? I can’t expect the police to keep me on 24/7 watch two years from now. Nick is an experienced criminal. He has the resources and knowledge to lay low for as long as he needs before he will strike. We won’t be hearing from him any time soon. I won’t be hearing from him any time soon.” Elaine’s troubled eyes searched Jose’s hazel ones. She could see by his solemn face and the way he averted her eyes that she was right. “I’m on my own on this one.” She looked down at her hands as she folded them in her lap clutching for a glimmer of escape from this situation.

Jose reached over again and placed his hand on her closed ones. He took her face in his other hand and moved it until she looked in his eyes. “Elaine I promise I won’t let anything happen to you. I will do whatever I can to help.” The sincerity in his voice made Elaine smile but she shook her head.

“I don’t know how….” Elaine paused and pulled away from Jose. A thought had struck her. She looked excitedly at Jose. “Wait. I think I know how you can help me.”

To Be Continued…

Final Chapter

“I open at the close”
Final chapters almost done
eyes water
sleepless nights won
Turning pages
just one more line
A story that transcends time

Final chapter
a world coming to an end
a period of my life
almost finished, though it’s all pretend
Fighting the balance
the urge to know
what finale is waiting to unfold
Even though I don’t want the story
to come to a close

Can’t sleep yet
My eyelids fall
must see this through
and dream of these characters of my youth

I’ve come to the period
that is the end
my heart is happy and sad again
Sleep overcomes
but the story lives on
in my dreams the best story lives on

Detective Ramos Archives #2 – Part 1

Detective Elaine Ramos stood in her office looking at the mess surrounding her. Ok so office might have been a stretch as she was pretty sure it was previously a maintenance closet but it was affordable. Unfortunately at this time it looked even less like an office. Papers were thrown everywhere, file folders ripped from the filing cabinet and strewn across the floor. Her office chair was tipped over on its side and her poor computer was smashed on the floor.

Elaine sighed as she took in the chaos around her. She attempted to smooth down her frizzy hair while she collected her thoughts. Officer Jose Sanchez, the cute officer with the dimples she met at the police station earlier, stood in the doorway a concerned look on his face. Elaine didn’t blame him. She knew who trashed her office. Nicholas Palatnokiv was the city’s mob king and a dangerous man. Elaine unfortunately ran into him on her first real case. She was helping a small boy, Tommy, find his dog, until he was kidnapped by Nick’s henchman. Nick was attempting to blackmail Tommy’s father who was the CEO of a big business as well as was trying to run for office. Elaine rescued Tommy and got Nick and his men arrested. When leaving the police station Officer Jose Sanchez had been assigned to keep watch over her as Nick had gotten out of custody and was looking for her. Nick was not an enemy you wanted and he was very angry with Elaine.

When they left the station Elaine requested to stop by her office to pick up some files and her laptop. Upon arriving the door was jarred open and now they stood in the middle of the chaos trying to decide what to do.

“I guess you won’t be taking your laptop?” Officer Sanchez joked. Elaine smiled as she looked at him. He was trying to lighten up the situation. She looked down at her smashed computer on the floor before responding.

“Nah, I think it’s time for a new one. It was pretty outdated anyway.” She smiled at him. He chuckled and began picking up the scattered papers. “Oh no you don’t have to do that.”

He looked up at her from where he was bent over. “It’s no problem at all. I’m supposed to stick by you tonight so the faster we clean this up, the faster we can get something to eat. I’m sure you’re pretty hungry, I know I am.” He flashed his dimple at her. Elaine’s stomach growled in response.

“That sounds like a plan.”

Two hours later Officer Sanchez had stopped by a local hot dog vendor for a late night dinner then headed to Elaine’s apartment. She couldn’t wait to take a long hot shower and put on her flannel pajamas before crawling into bed. As they pulled up to Elaine’s apartment building, a few miles from her office, Officer Sanchez’s eyebrows raised a bit. “This is where you live?”

Elaine’s head dropped as she blushed. The neighborhood was in an older part of town. It seemed a bit sketchy but Elaine loved the colonial architecture of the area. The area had its bad apples but on the whole it was fine and only looked a bit run down.

“Yea. It’s a better fit for my price range.” She replied sheepishly. Officer Sanchez nodded in understanding before he jumped out of the car to help Elaine out. “Thank you for your help, Officer, but I think I got it from here.”

Officer Sanchez smiled. “Call me Jose and you’re not getting off that easy Detective. After your office I think I should at least walk you inside and make sure everything is ok.” Elaine sighed but was too tired to argue so she nodded her head and showed him inside.

They walked into the brick apartment building and climbed the 5 flights of stairs it took to reach her floor (the elevator was out again). Elaine walked to her door and looked back at Jose. He was really going to go all the way through with this. She groaned inwardly and went to put her key in the lock but when she grabbed the handle the door creaked open. Elaine stopped in her tracks and felt Jose tense up. He put his hand on her arm as he maneuvered around her into the apartment. He put his finger on his lips and pulled out his gun from its holster. They both crept into the dark apartment, the only light helping guide their way was from a streetlight shining though one of the windows.

Elaine was trying to feel her way through her apartment when they heard a crash from the kitchen. Jose sprung into action running ahead of her and throwing on the light. Elaine’s vision was blinded by the sudden burst of light when she heard Jose yell out “Put your hands up and don’t move!”

To Be Continued…

The Escape

The children glanced back
at the robot chasing them down the bay.
They had wrenched the boat off the dock
and paddled furiously away.
The custard they stole
covered their lips as the boat swayed.

It had started earlier that day.
Their stomachs growled empty of food.
Their mother was missing;
they hadn’t seen her since 2 days ago before school.
They quibbled about what to do,
with stomachs protesting loudly too.

And that’s when they came upon
the custard shop its windows aglow
with mounds of flavored custard abound.
Both mouths watered at what they found.
Any flavor would do to drown out their stomachs awful sound.
Their tiny tummies asking for one ounce;

they had gone so many days without.
So at the right opportunity they pounced,
even though the penalty was death if caught.
They forgot about the robot in the corner like a mouse.
It screeched & beeped at them; the louse.
They scattered, tripped and tumbled out.

If only they weren’t enraptured
with the bright display,
now they were trying to avoid capture
down by the bay.
So they looked backward
paddling faster and faster.

Waves rolled & water plastered.
Their clothes were soaked
shivering they prayed to the Master
to safely guide & give them safe harbor.
Still the waves rose higher & higher
until nothing else around them mattered.

Bright shines the sun, they awake from their slumber.
They are washed on a warm distant shore
people gather & stare at their bodies starved from hunger.
The sea is dangerous; how did they survive they wonder.
Heaven must have had their number
to have gotten through the sea and conquered.

But what to do with them, the people contemplate.
To send them back would seal their fate.
They come together discuss and debate.
They come up with a plan and pass a plate,
collecting money to buy them a place
they brought them food; the children ate.

The community stepped up and saved
two children who needed them that day.
From then on they lived in happiness;
a part of a family who saved them through humbleness.
Their near capture only a memory in time
because of kind people who put love ahead of their pride.

Detective Ramos Archives – Part 13

Tears ran down Elaine’s cheeks as she gazed at the innocent face she held in her hands. “Tommy” she cried a sob caught in her throat.

Tommy’s eyes blinked slowly as he tried to focus on Elaine.

“Owe.” He mumbled.

Elaine’s heart soared. She started patting him down looking for any other injuries as Tommy sat up.

“Are you hurt? Are you ok? Did you get shot?” She pressed unable to believe he wasn’t shot.

“No, I don’t think so. I got scared when I heard the shots. I slipped and fell & bit my lip it hurts…” Tommy stopped short his eyes widened and his mouth dropped as he looked around her. Elaine’s breathing quickened as she sensed people behind her. She closed her eyes and slowly turned around. When she opened her eyes again what she saw took her breath away.

The area was flooded with police cars, helicopters, federal trucks and a multitude of cops pointing guns at them. Elaine slowly stood putting one hand up in surrender and the other wrapped protectively around Tommy.

She heard a commotion as Nick and his henchmen swore at each other as they put their hands up in defeat. She heard Tommy sobbing as he pulled away from her and ran to his fallen friend. Medics surrounded them. One went to Tommy as he was bent over Sonny. Elaine’s eyes glassed over as she saw the medic console Tommy, his shoulders shaking. She closed her eyes and thanked the dog she hadn’t met for saving their lives by giving up his own.

A few hours and a million questions later Elaine stared at the swirling black mass of stale coffee in her cup. The warm blanket they gave her at the station did nothing to stop the chill of the past events. She swallowed more of the hot liquid warming her body and soothing her nerves.

After giving her statement several times and a tearful farewell to Sonny their hero; Elaine and Tommy sat in the busy police station waiting to be released. About an hour ago Tommy’s parents had come, wrapping him up in their arms as they cried and thanked Elaine over and over again. Now they talked in hushed tones to their lawyer on the other side of the precinct. Elaine overheard something about disbanding the charity and giving the money to an orphanage in town. Mr. Dunstram was preparing a statement to withdraw his candidacy for office.

Suddenly Tommy jerked upright.

“Detective!” he shouted, raising a few heads. Elaine looked questioningly at Tommy, his eyes still red from crying.

“What is it Tommy?”

“I forgot to pay you!” Tommy began rummaging through the pockets of his jeans, his blanket falling to the floor as he squirmed.

“Oh Tommy, don’t worry about it ok?”

Tommy’s hand emerged, several crumpled bills held tightly in his tiny fist. He placed the bills in Elaine’s hand. “$500 like I promised.”

Elaine suppressed a smile as she noticed five $1 bills in her hand.

“Tommy, I can’t take your money.” She said seriously. “I didn’t fulfill my job. You lost your dog and it’s my fault. Here, take it and use it to buy something to put on Sonny’s grave.” Tommy’s face fell slightly.

“Thank you for your help Detective. I will never forget you.” Tommy reached over and hugged Elaine tightly. Her heart melted. Tommy waved goodbye as his mother took his hand and led him away, whispering “thank you” to Elaine.

Mr. Dunstram awkwardly walked toward her. “Thank you for what you did for my son.” He mumbled.

Elaine looked him squarely in his face. “You’re welcome sir. Please don’t worry your secrets are safe with me. I was just doing my job. Tommy is a sweet boy I would do anything for him. I just wanted to get him home safe.”

Mr. Dunstram nodded his head and walked away. Elaine let out a frustrated breathe. That’s when she noticed the Dunstram’s lawyer.

“Detective Elaine Ramos?” he said briskly.


“This is for you.” He handed her a manila envelope. Elaine’s heart sank. She was being sued. She looked up at the lawyer. “The Dunstram’s thank you for rescuing their son.” And with that he bustled away. Elaine tore open the envelope where a check lay inside. She stared at the amount her mouth hanging open in surprise. She closed her eyes and whispered thank you.

When she opened them she was confronted by a pair of concerned hazel eyes staring at her. She jumped back and noticed the handsome officer looking at her with concern.

“Miss, are you ok?” he asked his eyebrows knitted together.

Elaine smiled wide. “Yes I am fine.”

The officer smiled back, his smile causing a dimple to show in one cheek and Elaine’s heart to flutter. “Well I’m glad you are well. I unfortunately have some bad news for you.” Elaine’s heart sank. “Nick Palatnokiv was released due to some technicalities. Word is he is not happy with you, so you have been put on 24 hour police surveillance. Lucky for you, I am first on duty and am here to escort you home.” He smiled again flashing that dimple.

Elaine smiled back. Maybe this wasn’t such bad news and after the past couple days how much more trouble could she get into?

That concludes all documentation for the Detective Ramos Case #1 Archives.
Elaine will upload documentation for Case #2 available soon…

If I Am Honest/Dishonest

If I am honest, I don’t like your race card.
You play it too often and I hold all mine still.
You care for only you and yours.
I care for all.

If I am dishonest, I agree with all you say.
Just to pass the time no devil’s advocate to play.
Keeping quiet to keep the peace.
Pretend not to resent you.