30th birthday

Reflecting on these past 30 years I find myself in a place I didn’t expect. You dream of where you will be and what you will have accomplished and it’s amazing how things have changed. I wouldn’t have expected to have the freindships I have, see the people who have stuck around and those who didn’t. I didn’t expect to be at the job I’m at or discover what my true passion is. I would have never guessed how beautiful my daughter would have turned out to be nor the amazing man I would marry. I never thought it would be him and that he would fulfill my every desire in what I wanted and needed in a husband. I couldn’t imagine the places I would go, the things I would experience nor the people I would encounter along the way. I couldn’t fathom the people who would leave this earth and how much I would dearly miss them. Through all the changes and places, ups and downs I wouldn’t change a thing. It has brought me to where I am and made me who I am. Well maybe I would change one thing and that would be to change my reaction to situations and people. We can change situations, we can even change people, but we can never take back our words or actions. I would trust God more and not be so angry with Him at times. I would also have more faith in Him and in myself and I would love myself more. In the end I am all I have. But the best thing about looking in the past is that through it all I can use it to learn from and shape my future to be better than what it was, could be and would be. Although I wish I had the wisdom I have now, ten to fifteen years ago, I know that I can use it to give me a brighter future. At the end of the day its been a good 30 years and I plan on making the next 30 years better than the previous. Here’s to you 30 and the next 30 plus more to come!