Sorry if I don’t like your video
on the celebrity that spoke out
against injustices around the world
see last time I did, I got told off
because the comments they made the next day
supported the oppression of women in relationships
so I don’t know if I can support them

Sorry if I don’t sign the petition you posted
see I was going to
then someone posted an argument against it
showing how the petition was corrupt
and I didn’t know who to believe

Sorry I didn’t repost your video
about the amazing people
on the other side of the world
who go around saving the innocent
in war zones
See I was going to
but then someone posted another video
a documentary
about how those people were fakes
& posed those rescues for publicity
and I didn’t know which was true

Sorry I don’t like your meme
giving facts & figures
about how wrong someone else is
see I had seen an article yesterday
giving opposing facts & figures
showing how wrong you are
and I was just confused

Sorry I don’t watch you media
your over hyped, loosely factual news stories
they overwhelm me
see, last time I believed you,
2 weeks later
you gave “updated” information
and never retracted the original misleading information
So I can’t believe you

With so much information readily available
why is it so hard
to find the truth?

Things of Dreams

It’s like the things of dreams
flying over trees
touching the sky
singing lullabies
to the clouds that float by
Sun sets on cool nights
last golden touches
on leaves and brushes
Then velvet night’s sky falls
brilliant stars shine
but the moon outshines them all
Oh to touch each one
to wish on them all
until the night is done
To fish off the moon
to sleep in fluffy clouds
To rise with the sun
and watch the earth glow
To start a new day
filled with hope and love

Bathroom Stalls

Silent cries
in a bathroom stall
Cascading tears
like waterfalls
Pasted smiles
don’t reach the eyes
Perfect stoic face
set upon a crumbling base
Stare’s a blank
hiding whirlwind thoughts & emotions
every step she takes
hammers through her heart like a stake
An empty drive
makes an empty life
and slowly she dies

Battlefield In My Mind

Battlefield in the mind
negative thoughts fill my head
unsure if they are gut feelings
or unsubstantial lies instead
Wary, worried eyes
watch carefully and realize
all is not as it seems
In a world filled with crushed dreams
and selfish ties
the heart continues to buy
All the ugly lies
to eradicate all hope
leaving those only to cope
Instead of living a life of joy
despair is the ploy
to keep the people enslaved
never to freely reign