The knight and the dragon

The knight and the dragon
met at half past noon
the sun shone so bright
but the air wreaked of doom.
The scene was set for the big fight
but the townspeople felt gloom
the knight seemed unprepared
for such a big day
his sword and shild were inadequate
even though his heart was brave.
The dragon struck first
with his tail in the air
the knight jumped away
the dragon spit fire with flare
the knight hid behind rocks
he was stuck in the dragon’s lair.
The townspeople stood by
watchin in fear mixed with shock
others stood by in anger
they began to jeer and mock
they said “You’re not so great
you’re not so mighty!”
when the knight was struck down
they all began to party.
They danced and they sang
over the land
the dragon’s roar rang
as the knight fell into a pit
the rocks rained down on him
and all was quiet.
Then a slow wail arose
growing louder and louder
and the townspeople froze
there was jeering and laughter.
The dragon was triumphant
he began to wreak havoc all around
causing fear and confusion
all over the town.
For 3 nights and 3 days
the terror kept building
no one dared go out
no one was willing.
Then on the 3rd day
somethin amazing happened
there was a loud crack
so clear and so rapid.
The townspeople ran out
to see what the commotion
was all about
the pit of rocks
where the knight lay
was ripped apart
and they heard the knight say
“You thought i was bruised
thought i was defeated
i’ve come back to help you
oh you surely need it.”
Then with a swipe of his sword
he brought down the dragon
into the dark pit he threw him
the dragon’s limp tail saggin.
Then the knight stood up tall
put up his hand with the sword
“I have saved you my people!”
So they sang in one accord
“You are so mighty, you are so great,
you are our Savior and Lord
though we mocked you
when you fell in the hole
you came back
you saved our soul
from fire and darkness and sadness
you are so bold
and therefore we will love you