Wishing for Wings

Have you ever had a dream where you had wings and could fly? Have you ever wished you really did? I know I do. Often! But what’s the point of having wings if you are too afraid to take the leap to fly? Some birds push their young out of the nest and off the branch to force them to fly. We as people can be like that. We have to be forced. Instead we should look around at the other flyers around us, learn from them, take that knowledge, apply it then…take the leap. You can fly, you just haven’t tried.

Blazing Trails

It doesn’t matter what anyone tells you. Have you been told “that’s not possible”, “no one has ever done it”? Blaze your own path. Have you been told “there’s too much on your plate you should take a step back”? Blaze your own path. Have you been told your ideas are silly, unreasonable, impossible, our of your realm of expertise? Blaze your own trail. If we listened to every naysayer we wouldn’t be where we are. So much of our way of life now, especially when it comes to technology, at some point was dismissed. Don’t let anyone dismiss your dream. Set a game plan, time frame & pathway to accomplish it, then blaze your own trail.

Beneath a Tree

Under the shade of a tree I sit knowing there is so much more. I stare at its green leaves watching the buzzing bees. Out here there is so much life. Flowers blooming in every sight and yet there’s so much more. The leaves are soft, the trunk is rough, it’s bark is sturdy and hard to the touch. Branches and twigs may poke about and pollen in budding flowers give food and life, oh but there is so much more. The soil it sits in is gritty and moist with bugs crawling around in it by choice. Nutrients inside give sustaining life and ants enjoy each taste in site but oh there is so much more.
Deep beneath where no one sees, is gnarled about roots that grow deep. Stretching beyond imagination but that’s the important part of this tree’s station. So unassuming, so ugly, one can think but its the very reason this tree doesn’t sink. It holds it in place, stops the storms from carrying it away. It’s pulls up the vitamins from the soil to help the trunk grow stronger and for the leaves to unfold. The deeper its rooted the stronger it is and the less damage it takes from life’s winds. It may not be seen or heard or felt but it’s the only thing that is important on earth.
Funny how humans are so similar to trees. With roots reaching down unassuming to a degree. Where do your roots go? Do they go far below or are they planted in loose soil that easily lets go? Are they firm? Do they spread? Or are you only pretty on top instead? Deep rooted is best for trees and in life. But where do your roots dig? I hope in the ever giving life power of the one true God, instead of the whimsies of life where things are fleeting. Where changes are constant and society keeps moving. No, dig your roots deep in the One that never changes and when life’s storms come and try to knock you down your root system will be grounded and you won’t be knocked down. You’ll grow taller and stronger and give life even more. You’ll have purpose and see all the wonderful things in store. Of a fulfilling life. Isn’t that what it’s about? To give life to others and grow each other’s root systems deeper. To give more life to generations to come.