Beneath a Tree

Under the shade of a tree I sit knowing there is so much more. I stare at its green leaves watching the buzzing bees. Out here there is so much life. Flowers blooming in every sight and yet there’s so much more. The leaves are soft, the trunk is rough, it’s bark is sturdy and hard to the touch. Branches and twigs may poke about and pollen in budding flowers give food and life, oh but there is so much more. The soil it sits in is gritty and moist with bugs crawling around in it by choice. Nutrients inside give sustaining life and ants enjoy each taste in site but oh there is so much more.
Deep beneath where no one sees, is gnarled about roots that grow deep. Stretching beyond imagination but that’s the important part of this tree’s station. So unassuming, so ugly, one can think but its the very reason this tree doesn’t sink. It holds it in place, stops the storms from carrying it away. It’s pulls up the vitamins from the soil to help the trunk grow stronger and for the leaves to unfold. The deeper its rooted the stronger it is and the less damage it takes from life’s winds. It may not be seen or heard or felt but it’s the only thing that is important on earth.
Funny how humans are so similar to trees. With roots reaching down unassuming to a degree. Where do your roots go? Do they go far below or are they planted in loose soil that easily lets go? Are they firm? Do they spread? Or are you only pretty on top instead? Deep rooted is best for trees and in life. But where do your roots dig? I hope in the ever giving life power of the one true God, instead of the whimsies of life where things are fleeting. Where changes are constant and society keeps moving. No, dig your roots deep in the One that never changes and when life’s storms come and try to knock you down your root system will be grounded and you won’t be knocked down. You’ll grow taller and stronger and give life even more. You’ll have purpose and see all the wonderful things in store. Of a fulfilling life. Isn’t that what it’s about? To give life to others and grow each other’s root systems deeper. To give more life to generations to come.

I don’t care what you are coming up against or what is going on in your life. When you make a decision to win nothing and no one can stop you. People seem to have so many opinions about what you’re doing or where you’re going in life. Anything that doesn’t fit in with what they think is good for you they want to make a comment on. Don’t misunderstand. People who love/care about us have good intentions. But they don’t always know the dream that inside you or the vision that only you can see. People’s opinions don’t pay your bills but they will impact the legacy you leave…or don’t leave if you let them affect you. Push forward and then one day they’ll say “Oh I knew you could do it!” Don’t give up. Make the decision to win then go and get it done and tell yourself everyday; “I’m going to win the day!”.

Focus Forward

The picture below looks odd, I know, but if you focus on what is ahead compared to what is in the rear view mirror you’ll understand the purpose of this picture. I wanted to capture the distinct difference in weather from what was in front of me to what was behind me. This is typical Central Florida weather that’s hard to describe to people not from here, except through a picture.
But, as I saw this it made me think how much it correlated to life. Many people come from “stormy” pasts and all of us have bright futures ahead of us. But if we constantly look to what was behind, it will either slow down our progress to achieving our goals and the great things that lie ahead, or it can even derail us altogether and allow those storms to catch up to us and hang over us constantly (aka a constant negative attitude!).
Stop focusing on what happened. You can’t change that! You have to believe that there will be a sunnier day, a brighter future. That will be the only way you can push forward towards it! Decide today to focus forward. Tell yourself “I have a bright future and I’m going to focus on it and run towards it!”. You can learn from what happened in the past but instead of dwelling on it, use it as a stepping stone to push forward.
In every great hero’s story, there was a storm they had to go through, an obstacle to overcome, but the victory was worth the momentary hardship! And that hardship became a distant memory, a small chapter in their life compared to their overall story.

How Palm Trees Survive the Storm

Even in hurricane winds, palm trees can be seen bent over in the wind. They bend and sway even with the strongest of winds will be found when the storm is over still standing. The palm tree may lose all of its leaves or palms and only its long stem is left but it will continue to regrow and thrive in its environment. We too can learn from the palm trees. When the storms of life come we don’t have to succumb to the heavy winds and rain. We can try to stand firm against the change but if we bend with it, go with the flow, learn from what’s going on and lose the extra “palms” or “leaves” (the extra things in life that weigh us down and can’t go with us to the next level or aren’t as important anymore) we can be a bit worn down but we aren’t broken. We can thrive, grow and bloom again. It’s completely up to us.

Grow To Succeed

Stop being stuck in your past thinking that you can’t be a leader or successful in life because of things you’ve done or who you were. We all deserve a second chance to get things right. Don’t allow opportunity for success to pass you by because you feel unworthy. Take it as a stretching opportunity to grow into who you are becoming; the person you need to be. Even if it’s one inch a day over the course of a year you’ll have grown 30 ft!