Detective Ramos Archives – Part 11

Elaine couldn’t believe it. This whole time the rumors were true. Nick was trying to donate money to the Dunstram’s charity that was a cover for George Dunstram’s (Tommy’s father) campaign fund.

“I tried to contact your father, little boy, but he wouldn’t answer my calls. I called and called but he ignored me, so I went to his charity event to confront him in person. I told him of my “contribution” to his fund and how I would be requesting his help every now and then once he was elected to office. Nick looked down at the tiny boy shivering next to him. He moved his hand from Tommy’s arm to his head and rubbed it almost affectionately.

“Oh but Tommy, how he spoke to me! He told me I was wrong and he wouldn’t do something that low. He said he knew the type of person I was and the awful things I did and that he didn’t want to be a part it. He had the audacity to tell me no and that I needed to get out and never speak to him again. He said if I contacted him again he would get the police involved. I warned him that it would cost him dearly if he did that. I put a lot of money into him. He said he wouldn’t if I left him alone.”

Nick looked at Elaine his eyes ablaze with rage. “But he had to send you.”

Elaine’s eyes widened. “No he didn’t! You have it all wrong!” she stuttered.

Nick ignored her. “He thought he wouldn’t be obvious, using the boy to contact you. He thought he could hide it from me, but nothing is hidden from me here. I had his phone tapped. I heard your phone call and the fake meeting to find Sonny. I sent the dog to get his son’s attention. I wanted to earn his trust to use him later. But then you got involved. I knew you were up to no good when you showed up at my Deli. I had to take the boy then to send a message but you still kept snooping around! You had to show up and look around my factory. You had to try and stop me. He thought you could stop me, but oh how wrong he was and because of his mistake his son must now die.” Tommy began to wail when Nick placed the gun at the back of his head. Elaine’s eyes searched around her for any way to escape.

“But first…you must die.” Nick pointed the gun back at Elaine. Elaine closed her eyes waiting for the last sound she would ever hear.

Instead Elaine heard another sound, a low growling that turned into loud barking. Then she heard shouts from different directions. Elaine’s eyes flew open and she noticed Nick no longer looking at her but instead was staring perplexed to her right. Before she could turn to see what caught his attention she saw Nick’s face crumple in horror. He shouted a curse as a large black furry object jumped on him knocking both Elaine and Tommy down. Elaine looked up from the snowy pavement to see Sonny’s teeth clamped down on the arm that Nick held his gun. Nick screamed in pain and dropped the gun with a clatter to the ground.

Chaos ensued. Nick’s henchmen all started shouting at once, unsure of what to do. They attempted to shout over Nick’s screams and Sonny’s growls but their voices were drowned out. A shot rang out and Elaine ducked covering her head. Nick howled in pain and rage.

To Be Continued….