What’s Real

Let me tell you what’s the deal
I’ll tell you how I feel
I want some thee inch heels
with some sex appeal
that crawls up your body like a chill
that’s right
I want to dance all night
maybe a lil bumpĀ & grind
only if you don’t mind
either way I’ll be allright
I want to laugh aloud
in a great big crowd
goin all over town
I want a masquerade
in a ball like the plays
all night and all day
in gowns across the stage
I’d like to travel the world
feel like a young girl
experience adventure like Jack did on the black pearl
just opening my eyes
seeking new horizons
experience different tastes
in a million different places
opening all new doors
seeing new shores
now that’s my deal
question is…
can I make it real??