Forget Communication

Impossibly speaking
it’s hard to understand

why you stare at your phone in your hand
disconnected from the present
physically here; mentally not present
wondering why
it’s easier that I
talk to you via a screen
I’m not trying to be mean
but what’s the purpose being face to face
why are you in this place
if I text would you answer
looking me in the eye can’t hurt
What can be done
to get your attention
I guess I just haven’t realized
that behind your glazed eyes
I’m not that important.


Spectacular news stories
run through our feeds
Exaggerated details
feeding our thirsty needs
Warped minds
can’t keep time
lost scrolling on and on
hungrily eating headlines in bold
with misinformation bought and sold
Who cares if it’s right?
Who care if it’s wrong?
Green lines pockets
and pushes bureaucrats on
and still their eyes remain open
while common sense is lost
All in the name of social media fun

Detective Ramos Archives #2 – Part 10

Elaine pressed against the brick wall behind the magazine stand. She closed her eyes praying that he didn’t spot her.  She heard footsteps crunch on the gravel nearby.

“Excuse me sir.” Jose’s deep voice carried on the wind. Elaine peeked through the slats of the stand. Jose motioned toward the elderly man who was rearranging the magazines and newspapers. The man looked up expectantly at Jose. “Hello there, my name is Officer Jose Sanchez and I am looking for someone in the area who might have come by this way. Do you think you can help me?” Jose held out a picture of Elaine that he must have gotten from the case file on Nick. The elderly man leaned in squinting his eyes at the picture. “I am looking for a woman in her late 20’s about 5 foot 5, dark curly hair, light eyes and olive skin. Have you happened to see anyone fitting this description?”

“I’m sorry Officer; I would remember a pretty girl like her if I saw her but so many folks pass by it’s hard for an old man like myself to keep track of who walks by. I wish I could help you but I don’t recognize that woman.” He hunched his shoulders in regret and Jose gave him a stiff smile.

“I understand but thank you for your help anyway. If you happen to see her could you please give me a call immediately? She could be in danger and need our help.” Jose handed over his card and the man took it and nodded his head, placing the card in his back pocket.

“I will keep an eye out sir, you have a good evening.” Jose tipped his head toward the man and made his way across the street. He rapped on the back door of the building and when it opened he slid inside with one last backward glance.

“Miss?” Elaine jumped as she came face to face with elderly man. He was hunched over, making him slightly shorter than herself but his eyes twinkled behind his bushy grey eyebrows. “It’s ok miss, he’s gone.”

Elaine nervously stood to her full height. “I’m not sure what you mean.” She faltered.

The man’s wrinkled face broke into a knowing grin. “I saw you hide behind my stand and I watched you stare at him from behind here. I figured there was a reason for a pretty girl like you to be hiding. Are you trying to get away from your boyfriend?”

Elaine laughed. “No he’s not my boyfriend.” The man’s bushy eyebrows rose into his ruffled grey hair. “No, no I’m not in any trouble, it’s just…well…it’s complicated.” The man continued to give her a look that made her feel like he was reading her mind. “Look, it’s just he thinks he can help me but he can’t so he is just being unnecessarily overprotective and I just needed some air…ya know what I mean?”

The man took Elaine’s hand in his leathery one and patted it. “Don’t worry miss, I won’t rat you out to your boyfriend.” Before Elaine could protest, he handed her the day’s newspaper. “This will help you out if you need another place to hide and my stand isn’t around to help.” He chuckled to himself before shuffling back to his stand.

Elaine smiled, amused by the old man. She looked at the paper and flipped through it. She noticed an article with the name of a familiar building on it, Scorpion Tower. She looked across the street at the back of Scorpion Tower. She couldn’t believe her luck. A charity gala was being held there tomorrow night. If she could score a ticket she could sneak around and find where Nick’s hideout was. It was her best chance to get as close to Nick as possible without blowing her cover. But how would she get in? Elaine smiled to herself as a plan formed in her mind.

To Be Continued…

Detective Ramos Archives #2 – Part 9

Elaine crept out the back door of her apartment adjusting the baseball cap lower to hide her face better. The early morning darkness made for an easy escape although the bitter cold morning made her walk stiffly across the street. She planned to walk several blocks before she hitched a ride on the city bus to avoid it riding by Jose’s parked car. Her plan was in motion and she hoped to have answers today; without Jose’s help.

Sunlight filtered through grey clouds when Elaine finally arrived at her destination, a wad of cash safely tucked in her jeans (thanks to the Durnstram’s for the last minute cash flow). She squinted at the building numbers looking for building number 523. She made her way through the downtown morning rush crowd and entered a tall brick building.

“May I help you?” The man behind the front desk tapped away on a computer, not even glancing at Elaine.

“Yes I am checking in. Reservation is under Josefina Mendez.” No one would find her under her mother’s maiden name.

“Ah yes, here you are. Staying with us for a few days I see. Can I have a credit card that we can put on file please Ms. Mendez.”

Elaine produced the required cards, grateful to her mother for insisting she take the credit card in case she needed anything. Then all she needed was to contact an associate of hers who was able to use her mother’s id and adjust her birth date as well as the picture to pass it off as Elaine’s. She smiled sweetly at the clerk. He tapped away and handed her a room key.

“Room 543, elevators straight back and to the right.” He motioned behind her and smiled stiffly. “Will you be needing help with your bags?”

“No I’m ok thank you.” Elaine spun on her heel and walked briskly to the elevators, her small suitcase rolling in her wake.

The standard room was a good size for one person. Elaine made herself comfortable then opened the curtains to the large windows overlooking the city. From this vantage point she had the perfect view of the back exit of a large building across the street where Jose’s Intel had said Nick was residing. Elaine looped a pair of binoculars around her neck and looked around. Her phone began to buzz, she immediately blocked the call. It was Jose again looking for her. She turned it off.

After a couple hours and an empty chips bag later Elaine decided to take a break and go for a walk. She needed some real food along with fresh air and she noticed an electronics store down the street where she could buy a cheap laptop to do some online investigating. She walked out into the cold early evening, the sun already low in the sky; she lost herself in the post work crowd. As she weaved around she noticed a familiar black sedan speeding down the street. How did Jose find her?

She glanced around and ducked behind a magazine stand. She peeked through the racks to see him park near the exit of the building she had been monitoring all day. Her breath caught in her throat as his muscular frame jumped out, his jaw firmly set as his eyes swept the area. Even though the throng of people and the stand hid her well, Elaine squatted to avoid his gaze.

Jose whipped his cell phone from his pocket. He began shaking his head and motioning angrily with his hands at whoever he was speaking to. Then he looked toward her direction. She gasped as he headed straight for her.

To Be Continued…