Welcome to mymodernquill! Here you will escape life & dive into the stories & poetry that have escaped my mind & quilled themselves onto this website for your enjoyment! Choose from the options below & get lost in another world:

Short Stories: Different short stories for quick no commitment enjoyment!

Tea Time Corner: Sip a cup of tea (or coffee) as you peruse my poetry. You might relate to 1, 2 or 10!

Bloggings: So many times I want to say something that doesn’t fit in a poem or short story, but this isn’t a rant blog site. Here is where you can find inspiration, uplifting commentary and hopeful advice all based on my life experiences (and many times things I’ve had to learn the hard way!). My wish is that you find hope and inspiration in here and in every page of website. Remember we all have a greater purpose in the world. My wish is you find yours and true happiness.

Ramos Archived Case Files: #1 Tommy: Follow Detective Elaine Ramos as she navigates the first case of her career; Tommy Dunstram, son of CEO George Dunstram of Dunstram and Company. Elaine is a new detective, down on her luck, when she receives a strange call from a small boy, Tommy. Tommy enlists her help, against her better judgment, and they both end up in the center of a scandal neither expected. Enjoy my first ever published short story series.

Ramos Archived Case Files: #2 Nick: Detective Elaine Ramos must deal with the fallout from her first case and come against the city’s mob king Nicholas Palatnokiv. Out for revenge Nick will do whatever it takes to get back at Elaine for what she did, even if it means going through the police. Enjoy the second chapter to my short story series.

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