How Palm Trees Survive the Storm

Even in hurricane winds, palm trees can be seen bent over in the wind. They bend and sway even with the strongest of winds will be found when the storm is over still standing. The palm tree may lose all of its leaves or palms and only its long stem is left but it will continue to regrow and thrive in its environment. We too can learn from the palm trees. When the storms of life come we don’t have to succumb to the heavy winds and rain. We can try to stand firm against the change but if we bend with it, go with the flow, learn from what’s going on and lose the extra “palms” or “leaves” (the extra things in life that weigh us down and can’t go with us to the next level or aren’t as important anymore) we can be a bit worn down but we aren’t broken. We can thrive, grow and bloom again. It’s completely up to us.