I have had a passion for writing since I could remember. I used to write novels filled with adventures, conflicts and even some romance (the little that I understood in my tween years). The main character was always somehow me; either the person I was or the person I wanted to be. As I grew older I began to express myself and the raw emotions I couldn’t explain through poetry and blogs. It was my escape from the world around me and helped me to cope with the things I didn’t like or couldn’t change. If I didn’t like the outcome to something I could write it different. If I wanted to yell at someone but couldn’t I would write it out in a passive aggressive poem and was able to move on because of it. I created this website because I wanted to find a forum to express myself freely with others; breaking free from the pages of my many journals I keep under my bed and releasing the story ideas locked inside my head. My hope is that you too will be able to free yourself and that special piece of you that you have been trying to connect to. Enjoy!


Letting go of the past
holding onto the future
the seeds God has planted in me
I plan to nurture
as I move forward
giving me the thoughts to write
as I move toward
the goals He has set for me
though obstacles my way may block
I am made from a good stock
let the Holy Spirit flow through me
and let my pen write these ideas

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I am so very proud of you. You’ve always loved writing, if only I could find your old stories. Even then they were great. It’s about time you do what you love to do and not what others want you to do. Continue to follow your heart. From the womb you were a blessing and will continue to be a blessing. Let God speak to your heart and let the words flow. Love you, Mami.


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