When making changes I tend to spot everything ugly that I want to change now. But it takes take time to see those changes come to fruition, but it doesn’t take the pain away of seeing the ugly. I just pray that I can get through this season and see the beauty in the process. Get my beauty for ashes and for some of the ugly that we can’t change – it’s like mushrooms. Some people think they’re ugly while others think they’re fascinating. And even mushrooms have purpose on the earth.
Prayers of a Wounded Warrior

Wrought Iron

Iron in itself is not that glamorous. It’s plain, sometimes ugly yet functional. Yet….when it is put under extreme heat and pressure it can be bent to make amazing designs and beautiful structures. We can learn a lot from iron. We may have ugliness inside us. things we think can’t benefit or be beautiful. Yet when put under extreme pressure those things can be purified and made beautiful and brilliant. Something to inspire and help someone else. You can make beautify from ashes!