Can we be real? We like to think we’re these compassionate people who are so in tune to others needs and yet when confronted with an uncomfortable situation we put on a bandage with cute sayings of “it will be ok this too shall pass” or “time heals all wounds” or “this won’t matter 5 years from now”. Then we pat that person on the back and move on with our lives. People are hurting and a cute saying we heard from someone else or saw on social media isn’t a quick fix all. Peoples hurts and problems don’t cook off in a microwave of set time. I remember being in a rush with a friend I hadn’t seen a while in school and she was in pain I could see it on her face. I gave her a quick comforting word and hug then said we would catch up & took off. That weekend she committed suicide. It’s haunted me since. Instead of just moving on with life at fast pace, slow down, find out what’s wrong then sometimes don’t even give advice just an understanding hug. Pray for them but follow up. Send them constant encouraging words. Ask how you can help. Just be a constant loving reminder that yes their problems with pass but until then you’re the friend they need to see them through until then. You never know what life you may save…..or when you’ll need that type of help in return.
Prayers of a Wounded Warrior


Why do people feel the need to rush grief? People put a time limit on how long we are supposed to be sad/grieving and then it’s time to move on “there is a season of grieving a season of joy”. True grief never really goes away. It’s always sitting there like a friend we’re not sure we like or dislike. Eventually the grief doesn’t feel like a drowning sadness but instead a dull ache that reminds us of our loss every so often. But it never truly goes away.
Why does grief make people uncomfortable? I appreciate the intention of those trying to “cheer up” or “alleviate” “help forget” or “console” the griever. But sometimes it’s best to let that person grieve, and grieve with them. Avoiding grief prolongs it, & the longer it has to wait the harder it is to deal with.
Next time when someone wants to cry, vent or just be sad…let them. Just hold them, acknowledge their grief as valid & grieve with them.
Prayers of a Wounded Warrior


When making changes I tend to spot everything ugly that I want to change now. But it takes take time to see those changes come to fruition, but it doesn’t take the pain away of seeing the ugly. I just pray that I can get through this season and see the beauty in the process. Get my beauty for ashes and for some of the ugly that we can’t change – it’s like mushrooms. Some people think they’re ugly while others think they’re fascinating. And even mushrooms have purpose on the earth.
Prayers of a Wounded Warrior

Wishing for Wings

Have you ever had a dream where you had wings and could fly? Have you ever wished you really did? I know I do. Often! But what’s the point of having wings if you are too afraid to take the leap to fly? Some birds push their young out of the nest and off the branch to force them to fly. We as people can be like that. We have to be forced. Instead we should look around at the other flyers around us, learn from them, take that knowledge, apply it then…take the leap. You can fly, you just haven’t tried.

Blazing Trails

It doesn’t matter what anyone tells you. Have you been told “that’s not possible”, “no one has ever done it”? Blaze your own path. Have you been told “there’s too much on your plate you should take a step back”? Blaze your own path. Have you been told your ideas are silly, unreasonable, impossible, our of your realm of expertise? Blaze your own trail. If we listened to every naysayer we wouldn’t be where we are. So much of our way of life now, especially when it comes to technology, at some point was dismissed. Don’t let anyone dismiss your dream. Set a game plan, time frame & pathway to accomplish it, then blaze your own trail.