So Much More

So much more

Eli Awakening

Good morning world!
It’s a new day!
What new things will I learn today?
Does God live in Colorado?
Where the bison say ‘moo’?
And why is it only at nighttime that I say hi to the moon?

Oh, what new adventures does today have in store?
What new places and things can I explore?
Mami, I can fit in the pantry and close the door.
Oh yes, I need to roll around on the floor.
Outside in the dirt is the best place to play.
That’s where I imagine best as I play the day away.

Mami, why do you sigh
when I tell everyone hi?
I have to yell very loud
cuz I’m small you see, my hi gets lost in a crowd.
I find all the people interesting
especially when their forehead is wrinkling.

I like to make people smile
see Mami, so many haven’t done it in a while.
I just love to laugh and wiggle
and it’s more fun when I make other people giggle.

Oh Mami the day is almost done
I think I’ve almost finished all my fun
and after my day I want to cuddle
read me a book so we can snuggle
and now it’s time to kiss you goodnight
as I drift off to sleep in happy delight.
For today was a good day
Mami I learned so much.
There were so many people’s hearts that I touched.

I went on so many adventures
discovered so many treasures.
Laughed until I fell to the floor
and made people smile, even the biggest bore!
Mami, I even gave lots of compliments!
Yup today was filled with accomplishments.

Ok Mami I’m going to bed now.
I’m so tired so I yawn then I bow
and I thank the day for the adventures I had.
Oh it gave me so much, I’m so glad.
Well Mami here I go
my twinkling, mischievous eyes close.
I smile as off to dreamland I float
because I know tomorrow is another day full of hope!

Don’t Grow Weary

Don't Grow Weary



Sorry if I don’t like your video
on the celebrity that spoke out
against injustices around the world
see last time I did, I got told off
because the comments they made the next day
supported the oppression of women in relationships
so I don’t know if I can support them

Sorry if I don’t sign the petition you posted
see I was going to
then someone posted an argument against it
showing how the petition was corrupt
and I didn’t know who to believe

Sorry I didn’t repost your video
about the amazing people
on the other side of the world
who go around saving the innocent
in war zones
See I was going to
but then someone posted another video
a documentary
about how those people were fakes
& posed those rescues for publicity
and I didn’t know which was true

Sorry I don’t like your meme
giving facts & figures
about how wrong someone else is
see I had seen an article yesterday
giving opposing facts & figures
showing how wrong you are
and I was just confused

Sorry I don’t watch you media
your over hyped, loosely factual news stories
they overwhelm me
see, last time I believed you,
2 weeks later
you gave “updated” information
and never retracted the original misleading information
So I can’t believe you

With so much information readily available
why is it so hard
to find the truth?