Detective Ramos Archives – Part 13

Tears ran down Elaine’s cheeks as she gazed at the innocent face she held in her hands. “Tommy” she cried a sob caught in her throat.

Tommy’s eyes blinked slowly as he tried to focus on Elaine.

“Owe.” He mumbled.

Elaine’s heart soared. She started patting him down looking for any other injuries as Tommy sat up.

“Are you hurt? Are you ok? Did you get shot?” She pressed unable to believe he wasn’t shot.

“No, I don’t think so. I got scared when I heard the shots. I slipped and fell & bit my lip it hurts…” Tommy stopped short his eyes widened and his mouth dropped as he looked around her. Elaine’s breathing quickened as she sensed people behind her. She closed her eyes and slowly turned around. When she opened her eyes again what she saw took her breath away.

The area was flooded with police cars, helicopters, federal trucks and a multitude of cops pointing guns at them. Elaine slowly stood putting one hand up in surrender and the other wrapped protectively around Tommy.

She heard a commotion as Nick and his henchmen swore at each other as they put their hands up in defeat. She heard Tommy sobbing as he pulled away from her and ran to his fallen friend. Medics surrounded them. One went to Tommy as he was bent over Sonny. Elaine’s eyes glassed over as she saw the medic console Tommy, his shoulders shaking. She closed her eyes and thanked the dog she hadn’t met for saving their lives by giving up his own.

A few hours and a million questions later Elaine stared at the swirling black mass of stale coffee in her cup. The warm blanket they gave her at the station did nothing to stop the chill of the past events. She swallowed more of the hot liquid warming her body and soothing her nerves.

After giving her statement several times and a tearful farewell to Sonny their hero; Elaine and Tommy sat in the busy police station waiting to be released. About an hour ago Tommy’s parents had come, wrapping him up in their arms as they cried and thanked Elaine over and over again. Now they talked in hushed tones to their lawyer on the other side of the precinct. Elaine overheard something about disbanding the charity and giving the money to an orphanage in town. Mr. Dunstram was preparing a statement to withdraw his candidacy for office.

Suddenly Tommy jerked upright.

“Detective!” he shouted, raising a few heads. Elaine looked questioningly at Tommy, his eyes still red from crying.

“What is it Tommy?”

“I forgot to pay you!” Tommy began rummaging through the pockets of his jeans, his blanket falling to the floor as he squirmed.

“Oh Tommy, don’t worry about it ok?”

Tommy’s hand emerged, several crumpled bills held tightly in his tiny fist. He placed the bills in Elaine’s hand. “$500 like I promised.”

Elaine suppressed a smile as she noticed five $1 bills in her hand.

“Tommy, I can’t take your money.” She said seriously. “I didn’t fulfill my job. You lost your dog and it’s my fault. Here, take it and use it to buy something to put on Sonny’s grave.” Tommy’s face fell slightly.

“Thank you for your help Detective. I will never forget you.” Tommy reached over and hugged Elaine tightly. Her heart melted. Tommy waved goodbye as his mother took his hand and led him away, whispering “thank you” to Elaine.

Mr. Dunstram awkwardly walked toward her. “Thank you for what you did for my son.” He mumbled.

Elaine looked him squarely in his face. “You’re welcome sir. Please don’t worry your secrets are safe with me. I was just doing my job. Tommy is a sweet boy I would do anything for him. I just wanted to get him home safe.”

Mr. Dunstram nodded his head and walked away. Elaine let out a frustrated breathe. That’s when she noticed the Dunstram’s lawyer.

“Detective Elaine Ramos?” he said briskly.


“This is for you.” He handed her a manila envelope. Elaine’s heart sank. She was being sued. She looked up at the lawyer. “The Dunstram’s thank you for rescuing their son.” And with that he bustled away. Elaine tore open the envelope where a check lay inside. She stared at the amount her mouth hanging open in surprise. She closed her eyes and whispered thank you.

When she opened them she was confronted by a pair of concerned hazel eyes staring at her. She jumped back and noticed the handsome officer looking at her with concern.

“Miss, are you ok?” he asked his eyebrows knitted together.

Elaine smiled wide. “Yes I am fine.”

The officer smiled back, his smile causing a dimple to show in one cheek and Elaine’s heart to flutter. “Well I’m glad you are well. I unfortunately have some bad news for you.” Elaine’s heart sank. “Nick Palatnokiv was released due to some technicalities. Word is he is not happy with you, so you have been put on 24 hour police surveillance. Lucky for you, I am first on duty and am here to escort you home.” He smiled again flashing that dimple.

Elaine smiled back. Maybe this wasn’t such bad news and after the past couple days how much more trouble could she get into?

That concludes all documentation for the Detective Ramos Case #1 Archives.
Elaine will upload documentation for Case #2 available soon…

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