Life’s Not a Romantic Fairytale

They tell me
“Life’s not a romantic fairytale”
long gone are hopeful dreams
men playing knights in shining armor
don’t ride in during trouble scenes
Life’s day to dull day actions
aren’t filled with exciting heroine schemes
and happy endings only happen
with Facebook like esteem
Life’s happy moments play out
on the social media stage
Happy pictures play out scenes
hiding life’s usual way
Frozen fake smiles
flashy lifestyle guiles
all in the name of pretend
Perfecting the perfect fake life
on the social media trend
But I choose to believe
in my happy fairytale dreams
that I can make come true
my life’s survival
doesn’t comprise
of fake lies
posted for the world to see
So I press forward
looking onward
for my happiness
no Facebook friend can understand
and I smile content
not being anyone’s puppet
Because I’m free

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