Why do people feel the need to rush grief? People put a time limit on how long we are supposed to be sad/grieving and then it’s time to move on “there is a season of grieving a season of joy”. True grief never really goes away. It’s always sitting there like a friend we’re not sure we like or dislike. Eventually the grief doesn’t feel like a drowning sadness but instead a dull ache that reminds us of our loss every so often. But it never truly goes away.
Why does grief make people uncomfortable? I appreciate the intention of those trying to “cheer up” or “alleviate” “help forget” or “console” the griever. But sometimes it’s best to let that person grieve, and grieve with them. Avoiding grief prolongs it, & the longer it has to wait the harder it is to deal with.
Next time when someone wants to cry, vent or just be sad…let them. Just hold them, acknowledge their grief as valid & grieve with them.
Prayers of a Wounded Warrior

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