I was listening to a message by Dr Henry Cloud which inspired this poem. He talked about how a gardener was explaining to him how to grow a rose bush. You see a rose bush has a lot of good buds on it. So many in face no matter how much you nurture it, the bush can’t sustain the amount of buds it has. So, the gardener prunes away the good buds to allow the great ones to bloom.
We all have dreams, desire, goals and visions in our lives but there is something holding us back and it’s not always bad. I have pinpointed several “good” areas that just aren’t sustainable anymore if I want to achieve the great things I want to accomplish. I need to prune those things away. It hurts (I’m already resisting!) but pushing through and knowing this will allow the great goals to be achieved is the end game to keep in mind so that you can make the cut.

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