Thoughts of a Young Child

Blank faces stare
we pass without care
going on about the day
as they wait to play.
Plastic pieces come alive
when children go outside.
Fury plush move about
free to roam without people around.

What do they do? What do they say?
When I’m out of my room today?
Do they have tea and cookies
when I go to the movies?
Do they toss around a ball
when I go with you to the mall?
Do they talk and laugh
while eating my candy stash?
Do they miss me at all
looking for me in the hall?
Or waiting at the window
or laying on my pillow?

I try to catch them Mami
but those toys are so tricky.
But one day I’ll catch them you’ll see
and they won’t have to be afraid of me
because then I’ll set them free.

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