Detective Ramos Archives #2 – Part 12

Elaine froze in terror at the sight of Nick. She often imagined what she would do if she were to see Nick again. She had always pictured herself cool, calm and collected; but to see Nick’s cold eyes caused fear to well up on the inside of her and stop her cold in her tracks. Matt, sensing her hesitation, whispered in her ear “Is everything ok?”

Elaine could only shake her head but her eyes never moved from Nick’s face. One of Nick’s bodyguards approached him, leaning forward to whisper something in his ear. The bored, annoyed look on his face broke Elaine out of her revere. He hadn’t noticed her as she had feared but they needed to move quickly before he did. She tugged on Matt’s arm.

“Come on, we need to move to the back of the room and fast.” They wove their way through the crowded dining room, the tinkling of glasses and laughter following them. When Elaine felt they were in the darkest most obscure corner of the room she surveyed the room again noting Nick on the other side nearest the double door entrance.

“Ok Matt, you can go around and mingle if you want but don’t mention my name. Just say you’re here with your friend and if they press for a name just make one up.”

“Ok, you can be Mary. That was my ex-girlfriend’s name.” Elaine looked at Matt incredulously. He responded with a goofy grin. “I think I’ll hit the buffet table first. I’m starving.” Matt wandered off to the buffet table while Elaine searched the area for a back way out. She noticed a service entrance. With one last quick glance around the ballroom she ducked through it.

The room bustled with activity. Servers rushed about with trays of food and drinks balanced on silver trays. Elaine carefully maneuvered through the sea of workers and exited out into the hallway. She paused unsure of where to go. She had to find the offices but she doubted there would be a sign pointing her in the right direction. She heard someone talking behind the door she had just exited. She hid behind a tall potted plant before the door swung open and a tall man that Elaine recognized as one of Nick’s body guards, stepped into the empty hallway. His radio buzzed to life. “Tony, what’s your ETA.”

Tony picked up the radio. “I’m in the back hallway. I’m headed to the office to get what the boss requested.”

”Ok let me know when you get back, I need to use the bathroom.”

Tony grunted in irritation and moved swiftly down the hall. Elaine crept behind him, making sure to stay in the shadows. After a few twist and turns Tony had travelled to the back of the hotel and walked up to a secure door that was labelled “Employees Only”. He produced a keycard, swiped it and entered. Elaine shot out and caught the door with her the toe of her gold pump. She gently pushed the door open and peeked through. A short hallway lay in front of her with different doors lining it. She cautiously entered peeking through the small windows of each door she passed. She heard a voice coming from around the corner. She searched for an unlocked door and slid in the first one she found. The room was dark with a couple of desks on either side of the room and a row of cabinets at the back. She leaned against the wall waiting for the voice to pass.

“Yea boss, I found the file you need. Did you want me to bring it? Ok I’m walking out the office now, I’ll meet you at the side entrance.” Elaine heard heavy footsteps clunk down the hall and the door opened and closed with a thud. Elaine opened the door and retraced the path she heard Tony walk. She turned the corner and found a solitary door at the far end of the hall. She rushed toward it placing her hand on the cold metal handle.

“Elaine! What are you doing here?”

Elaine’s blood iced over. That was the last voice she expected and wanted to hear.

To Be Continued…

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