Sea Foam

What is it about beaches that just say “carefree” or “freedom”? 🏖There’s just something relaxing about the waves roaring onto the shore and the bubbling sounds of the sea foam as it tickles the sand before receding back into the ocean. 🌊
I don’t know if it’s the sounds of the water, the mingled smell of salt & sun screen in the air or the way the sun warms your skin and the water cools your feet. ☀️🌴
Either way I just feel so refreshed after spending time at the beach. I feel like the cares of the world are buried in the sand and the negative voices are drowned out by the waves. And my mind finally clears so I can see my freedom is only a stretch away. 🏝
Is this just me? Or does anyone else feel this way? Where’s your favorite spot to find peace?

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