Staring at the night sky
Black as ink
Stars dotted throughout
Blinking at me
I wish a wish
Upon each one
I close my eyes
Breathing them out
One by one
I hope they hear
I hope they see
This desire
That burns in me
Praying every night
Praying everyday
Hoping one prayer
Will go my way
Wanting more than I have
Wanting more than where I am
Never giving up
Never thinking I can’t stand
Can’t you see my desires?
Can’t you feel it burn?
It’s a fire in me
That boils and churns
Hope rises
Fear falls
I open my eyes
Yearning for what’s in store
They don’t believe I’m ready
They think I will fail
Writing is not a safe career they say
But they don’t know
I KNOW I’m ready
I’m ready
I’m ready

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