Focus Forward

The picture below looks odd, I know, but if you focus on what is ahead compared to what is in the rear view mirror you’ll understand the purpose of this picture. I wanted to capture the distinct difference in weather from what was in front of me to what was behind me. This is typical Central Florida weather that’s hard to describe to people not from here, except through a picture.
But, as I saw this it made me think how much it correlated to life. Many people come from “stormy” pasts and all of us have bright futures ahead of us. But if we constantly look to what was behind, it will either slow down our progress to achieving our goals and the great things that lie ahead, or it can even derail us altogether and allow those storms to catch up to us and hang over us constantly (aka a constant negative attitude!).
Stop focusing on what happened. You can’t change that! You have to believe that there will be a sunnier day, a brighter future. That will be the only way you can push forward towards it! Decide today to focus forward. Tell yourself “I have a bright future and I’m going to focus on it and run towards it!”. You can learn from what happened in the past but instead of dwelling on it, use it as a stepping stone to push forward.
In every great hero’s story, there was a storm they had to go through, an obstacle to overcome, but the victory was worth the momentary hardship! And that hardship became a distant memory, a small chapter in their life compared to their overall story.

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