Conversation With Life

I don’t know who told you
that I would be easy
But I never promised
that you were entitled to anything
Even if you work really hard
& dream really big
I never promised
Your dreams would come true
I never promised
You would win
What I can promise you
is that I will trip you up
to see how fast you get back up
See I’m not about luck
I can promise
that I will give you adversity
to see how you overcome
I can promise
that I 
will suck
& then you die
what you do
during your time with me
will determine your happiness
I can promise
your attitude on my tests & trials
will determine how much you grow
how much you succeed
I can promise
when you stop focusing on you
& focus on helping others
my sting won’t hurt your purpose
I can promise
that there is so much more to me
than materials things
There is a purpose
if you know where to look
There is an answer
if you are willing to open up your heart
& accept it

I can’t promise you much
But I can promise you
that YOU determine
how full you feel
with me
Now that you know
what’s on the table
Will you continue to
place blame
make excuses
& let me take you down?
Or will you
take responsibility
take me by the horns
and create your own destiny?

What do you choose?

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