Detective Ramos Archives #2 – Part 19

“No!” Elaine backed further into the walk in fridge that had been her cell. The henchmen flexed their arms as they approached her. She ran toward the men maneuvering side to side attempting to avoid their outstretched hands. One of the men swung his hand and knocked Elaine down to the dirty floor. She rolled onto her hands and knees crawling under them to try to get away. She was almost to the door when she felt someone grab her ankle and tug her back. She screamed as she was lifted into the air and held tight. She struggled against the strong arms that held her but to no avail as she was carried through the door and into an open warehouse.

The air was cool and she could smell a hint of salt. They must be in one of Nick’s warehouses along the ocean. Nick stood in the center of a large open space in the warehouse. An assistant stood next to him holding a laptop. Jose stood on Nick’s other side, hands in his jacket, looking to the ground. Elaine was ready to get this over with.

“Just get this over with I’m done being your prisoner!”

Nick smirked. “Believe me I wanted to get rid of you a long time ago. Your boyfriend here convinced me to keep you around a little longer. I’m glad he did.” He and Jose exchanged a look. “It appears, Elaine, we still need you.”

Elaine laughed hollowly. “I have nothing else to give you and even if I did I would rather die then give it to you.” She spat on the floor between them.

Nick’s face flushed in anger. He strode to Elaine and slapped her with a swift swing of his arm. He leaned in close and whispered into her ear. “I would be careful what you do; death is the least of your worries.” Nick stepped back.

Silence stretched between them until curiosity go the best of her. “What do you need?”

Nick held up the flash drive. “It appears your friend Mr. Durnstram placed a password on the files on this flash drive. None of my men can seem to figure it out. I believe you know the answer in order to access the files.” Nick motioned to his assistant. She rushed forward, facing the laptop toward Elaine. The screen was blue except for a single box stating “A password is needed to access the requested files”. A cursor blinked below the phrase waiting expectantly. Elaine was confused.

“I don’t know what the password could be?”

Nick’s nose flared. “I don’t believe you. Now to get you to cooperate I have your little friend Tommy in the back and if you don’t help me I will kill him!”

Elaine mouth opened. How did he get Tommy? “P-Please don’t hurt him! I’m telling you I really don’t know! Did you try his name? What about the charity’s name?”

“We tried anything that had to do with the Durnstram’s but the flash drive was given to you so you must know the answer to open it. You have 5 minutes Elaine.”

The henchmen dropped Elaine to the ground. She faltered then walked to the laptop, taking it and sitting on the floor cradling it in her lap. She had no idea what the code could be. She entered her name, then her birth date. She tried the city was she was born, even her favorite color and food but each time she would get a pop up “Incorrect password; access denied”.

Elaine buried her face in her hands. She couldn’t think of anything.

“Time’s up Elaine.” She looked up helplessly at Nick.

“I don’t know I’ve tried everything I could think of.” Nick stared into her eyes then motioned to his henchmen. Elaine jumped up. “No please don’t! I really don’t know but I’ll keep trying.”

Elaine began furiously typing anything into the box, tears streaking her face. The men walked around her and surrounded Jose who looked questioningly at Nick. Nick put a gun to his head.

Realization dawned on Elaine. “You don’t have Tommy do you?”

“No, his father hid them very well so they were inaccessible but I have someone else who will do instead. Give me the password or your boyfriend dies.”

To Be Continued…

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