Detective Ramos Archives #2 – Part 18

Elaine struggled against Nick’s henchmen trying to get free. Jose limped down the hall clutching his stomach in pain.

“Jose, nice of you to join us!” Nick shoved the flash drive inside the front pocket of his grey suit jacket. He shot Jose an irritated look. “You were one of my best men Jose. You let your feelings for this girl get in the way of your job.” His eyes settled on Jose’s stricken face. “You’ve failed me.”

Jose grimaced. “I had everything under control.”

Nick’s face flushed a deep crimson red. “Control?! You call letting this girl get away from you 3 times in a week control? You’ve never had control from the moment you set eyes on her!”

Jose grunted and turned his face from the group watching the snow fall heavily outside the front door window.

Nick shook his head and turned back to Elaine. “Now to take care of you my dear; once and for all.” Elaine kicked and screamed but the henchmen were too strong. Jose looked at Elaine with a pained look. He whispered “I’m sorry” before a dark cloth bag was placed over her head turning the world black. She felt a hand cover her nose and mouth and the last thing she remembered was telling herself to stay calm so she wouldn’t suffocate.

Elaine awoke feeling groggy and confused. She took in her surroundings. She was locked in some type of walk in freezer, that hadn’t been used in years from the filthy look of the cement floor and dusty shelves around her. A single light shone above her, with no other light source around her. She felt something crawl on her arm causing her to jump and smack at it. She shivered then walked to the door, checking the handle to see if there was a slim chance it was open. It wasn’t. She paced the small space for several minutes before finally settling in the middle of the floor. Hundreds of thoughts raced through her head. She couldn’t figure out how to get out.

Elaine rubbed her face with her hands and sneezed from the grime and dust. After a few hours she curled into a ball and began to cry, causing streaks in the dirt on her face. She pulled her wool jacket tightly around her and fell asleep.

When she woke she found a small plate of food, water and an empty pot. Time passed slowly. Food was delivered twice a day along with another empty pot replacing the old one and water was given to her 4 times a day, usually while she was asleep or preoccupied. She paced the floor, stretching and doing small exercises to keep her blood flowing so her muscles wouldn’t tighten up.

She made escape plans in her mind to keep herself from going crazy but mostly she thought of Jose. She wondered what he was doing and whether he really did care for her. Would he come and rescue her? He had betrayed her but she couldn’t shake her instinct that he was trying to still help her. She thought of when they were back in the office and when he almost kissed her. She held herself, regretting hurting him and wishing he had kissed her. She shook her head vigorously pushing the thought from her mind, angry with herself for falling for him.

Elaine didn’t know how much time had passed but she knew it must have been several days. The space was getting to her and she began to jog in place to keep herself occupied but she couldn’t help but think to herself why was Nick keeping her around? Why didn’t he just get rid of her? He had the flash drive he didn’t need her anymore. As she got on the ground to do push ups she heard the door click and creak open slowly. She quickly stood and waited expectantly. Jose’s face appeared and Elaine sighed in relief. He was here to rescue her! He really did want to protect her.

He took a step in, shoving his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

She reached out to him. “Hey, I’m…”

“Nick wants to see you.” He blurted and pushed open the heavy metal door to reveal Nick’s henchmen, arms crossed.

Dread blossomed in her stomach. She looked to Jose in disbelief but he was gone. This was finally the end.

To Be Continued…

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