Detective Ramos Archives – Part 5

Elaine stood on a beige carpeted floor in Nick Palatnokiv’s office staring at his large mahogany wooden desk. There was a bookshelf holding a few binders, books and decorations. Next to that were a few lateral files all of the same matching wood as the desk. A large window overlooking the city was on her left.

“Take a seat Detective.” Nick walked around his desk and sat in a large leather armchair. He leaned back, hands folded at his chin and squinted at Elaine as she stood on wobbly willing them to move forward. With some effort she was able to sit in a firm backed fabric seat. Nick opened his hands to her and said “How can I help you?”

“Well Sir, a small boy was kidnapped yesterday outside the Pomstreet Deli, which you happen to own, and I wanted to know if you could answer a few questions regarding the incident.”

“I already answered the police’s questions and I don’t know how much I can help Detective. Yes I own the deli but I know nothing of the kidnapping except that it happened right outside of my establishment.” He stated.

“I understand but you might have some information that can give me a lead as to who may have done this. Do you know who frequents the deli? Do you know of anyone who owns a black van with this license plate?” She handed him a piece of paper with the plate number. Nick shook his head no.

“Again Detective, I just own the place. I don’t know who goes in or out. My accountants just check the books to make sure everything is ok and I sign off. Otherwise I don’t step foot in that place.” He said a bit more irritated.

“Well I know you are a very involved business man and there are rumors of your relationship to the missing boy’s father George Dunstram.” Nick’s eyebrows shot up and he scowled. “I just find it quit a coincidence of your affiliation with the boy’s father and it happening right outside your establishment.”

Nick contemplated her quietly for a beat before responding “Detective are you implying that I had something to do with this based on some website rumors? I hope not for your sake as my patience with you is thinning. I heard of the kidnapping from the manager at the deli. I can ask the owner to give you a call to answer any other questions so unless you have something more substantial I will have to ask you to leave or I will throw you myself out of my building.” Nick sat forward and gestured to the door.

“Well…” Elaine faltered, panicking. “I am not saying you outright had anything to do with this (Nick snorted) but that doesn’t mean you may not have valuable information regarding the people in the area that could have done this. If you could just please…”

Nick pounded his fist on the table. “You are trying my patience Detective and unless you are the police you need to get out of my factory!” He roared and strode around the desk, grabbed Elaine by her arm and dragged her out the door of his office and down the stairs to the factory level. He called over the burly man who had opened the door early and said “See the Detective out and don’t let her back in.” Nick stormed back up the stairs and slammed his office shut.

Burly man went to grab at Elaine’s arm but she shook him off. “Let go of me. I can walk myself out.” She grumbled as she strode out of the large room. Elaine was stuck. She got nowhere with Nick and now she was thrown out. As she walked out one of the fork lift drivers walked in front of her pulling off his vest and tossing it on a chair nearby before walking outside pulling a cigarette from his pocket. Elaine stared down at the vest and noticed a keycard peeking out. She smirked to herself as she pocketed the keycard. If Nick wasn’t going to answer her questions, she would just have to come back tonight and find out the answers herself.

To be Continued…

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