A Love Story

Ana was up before the sun. She had a lot to do today and she wanted to do as much as she could before the island sun made her tasks unbearable. Dressing in the dark humid room she put on her simple dress that she made just for cleaning and chores. Moving carefully, not to wake her cousins that slept near her, she soundlessly crept to the kitchen, making coffee on the stove for the day. She quickly made breakfast for her aunt, uncle and their children and set it aside. Grabbing a piece of bread and tin cup of coffee she rushed it down and began her day.
Every morning started this way. She started in living room, scrubbing the floors and cleaning the chairs. By the time she was done everyone else was awake and eating the breakfast she had laid out. She would take this time in the early morning sun to go out and complete her chores, tending to the garden and scrubbing and washing the tiled front porch. She liked to get this done early to avoid the hot sun burning the tiles as she worked. She grabbed her bucket and began to work on the tiles on the porch. But today was not like every other day. Today her life would change forever.

Juan walked to work everyday. He would make the journey in the early morning through the town to the plaza in the center of Ponce. He was a hard worker and had worked since he was young. Now 18, he was ready to take on life and enjoy every moment of it. He loved the walk to the plaza and back. He would greet everyone he met along the way, especially the beautiful women he saw. He enjoyed making conversation with anyone who would talk to him.
On this morning, Juan was making great time on his walk. He looked around at the palm trees swaying in the smallest breezes and at the sun shimmering over the tin roofs as it slowly rose in the sky. As he breathed in the salty air, he noticed a pretty woman washing the front porch. Intrigued he drew closer and noticed she was bent over, rear end facing him. When he arrived at the sidewalk in front of the house he couldn’t help but stop and admire her. He was a sucker for a nice pair of legs and the woman washing in front of him had the nicest pair of legs he had ever seen! He had to talk to her. He shouted out his friendliest hello. The woman paused long enough to turn and look at him and quickly turn back to her task ignoring him completely. Undeterred Juan called out to her to have a good day and went on his way. But he hadn’t given up.

 Ana was so nervous about the man who called out to her. She was not used to having men approach her like that. She was terrified of what her aunt and uncle would say. Who did he think he was anyway calling out to her like that? She was glad she ignored him. The next morning came and again the man stopped in front of her house and called out to her. She ignored him. He told her goodbye again and went on his way. This continued for a week straight. Ana was so distraught with worry she didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want her routine changed for this one man, so she came to a decision.
Like clockwork, the next morning the man came up again and said hello. Ana turned on him and asked him what he wanted and why he kept bothering her. He responded that he found her beautiful and just wanted to get to know her. His name was Juan and he thought she had the nicest legs he had every seen and she was perfect for him. Blushing Ana mumbled her name and said she was busy and to have a good day. She rushed inside. Juan smiled.

Everyday Juan never failed to show up at the same time to say hello to Ana. Ana at first simply gave a curt response. Then she began to laugh at his jokes. After that she began to talk to him more and more. Their talks became more intimate and serious until one day Juan went to her uncle and aunt and asked permission to date her. Ana couldn’t believe how her life had changed with just one hello.

Ana awoke from her dream. She quickly sat up gathering her bearings. She knew she had a lot to do today, even if her body felt a little more heavy then usual. As she went to stand up from the bed she felt a hand fall on her leg. She looked over to see her beloved husband, Juan, of over 60 years smile at her. As if he knew of her dream he whispered “I still think you have the nicest legs around.” Ana’s heart fluttered and she smiled.

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