Open the Door

 Knocking I hear
Knock, knocking at my door
a familiar knock
is knocking at my door
A familiar face
saying “open the door”
but my anger stops me
it seizes my soul
I want nothing to do
with that familiar face at my door
It’s his fault I’m here
It’s his fault I hurt
He allowed all this pain
this emptiness
this hurt
He forced me to close my door
lock it
deadbolt it
So I hear from Him no more
Alone I am in this house
no longer a home
Emptiness, loneliness engulfs my soul
another friend comes
disaster & heartache is his goal
He rips apart my rooms
he tears down my walls
hopelessness he begins to pour
as I lay crying & dying on the floor
Until I hear a distant knocking on my door
faint yet familiar
as I lay on the floor
I lay there a confused soul
because that knocking
had mercy as its goal
In the corner my friend screamed
“No don’t open that door!”
yet I slowly walked
reached out & turned the handle
There stood a familiar face
filled with sadness yet grace
anger turned to happiness turned sad
“Where have you been?” I asked
“I was right here all along” He replied
“No you weren’t” I sighed
“I’ve been alone for a long time
miserable am I
Everything in my life has gone wrong
my grief has gotten strong
see disaster over at the room’s end?
he right now is my only friend.”
The familiar kind face
sadly smiled at me
just listening patiently to my plea
Confused I looked at Him
“Please do come in,
I want to ask you then
if you were always with me
why are you outside instead of in?
during all my pain & sadness
where have you been?”
Sadly He replied
“Right at your side
You see you turned your back on me
see you refused to see me
even though I was right behind you
if you would have just turned around
you would have realized I was there all along
 I will never let you down
and as for me not coming in
I never enter within
somewhere I’m not welcomed
but if you let me stay
I’ll clean  your home
I’ll fix your walls
& make this empty house a love filled home
I’ll bring you peace
I’ll bring you rest
give you everything, the very best
but only if you let me in.”
To my knees I fell and begin to cry
I didn’t deserve this guy
I felt ashamed
I wanted Him to go
but I was tired of this cold floor
“You do deserve me” He replied,
“You deserve happiness and most importantly
you deserve life.”
As he lifted my face to look at Him
my face held a huge grin
To my no good friend I said
“Leave out my door
you’re not welcome anymore
I have a better friend who will stay
He’ll fix my whole life today.”
You maybe angry
lost sad and confused
crying and dying
in a cold empty room
there’s a familiar face
knocking at your door
So get off that cold floor
cuz hope is His goal
Happiness and peace can win
but only, only if
you just let Him in…

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