where do i fit in?

sometimes i feel this is just a black and white world. freedom for the blacks, breakthrough for the blacks with the whites stepping aside trying to be as open and accepting as they know how. thing is, there is grey in between, maybe brown, the mix between black and white. where do i fit in? it seems a black and white world. people cry of breakthrough but i still don’t see it for me. my people don’t get the same opportunities, not treated the same. i am too light to be black and i’m too dark to be white, to the other browns i’m not brown enough, my spanish isn’t as good. i’m considered lazy though i work hard, i’m considered obnoxious, loud and ghetto though i’m passionate, vibrant and down to earth. no one sees that i am kind, unselfish, giving and loving. i do not fit into any group, WE do not fit into any group. so we make our own group. try to rise above, try to make our mark in this world, try to create our own breakthroughs. but now we’re too proud, too segregated, we are told we are acting too good for everyone else. suddenly we are unaccepting of everyone else, we are stuck up and that is not allowed. can’t i be proud of me? can’t we be proud of us? i don’t fit into your group let me make my own. so if you don’t want me in your group and you don’t want me making my own group, where do I fit in? i’m not black, i’m not white, i’m not brown i am ME, where do i fit in?

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