the chains of this world bind me

everday waking up to monotony

workin for liars, cheaters, and backstabbers

tryin to climb the corporate ladder

for a paycheck worth enough to survive

to be barely alive

slaving away

night and day

but the stealer, cheaters, backstabber and thieves

are also found amongst these

friends and family

the people you love

bound to them by a vow

to always be there

bound to niceties

as i scream please

to take the knife from my heart

bound to this life bein torn apart

by this pain of these feelings inside me

beggin to be let free

my heart twists in pain

cryin so many tears i thought it was rain

my stomach takes a dive

but i’m bound by my pride

to not let the tears fall

not allow my voice to cry

and i ask myself why

am i bound to my emotions

to this ocean

of loneliness

bound to listen to my heart

instead of my head

bound to smile

even as inside i’m dead

bound by my fears of rejection


wantin to fit in

wantin to be loved

unbind my closed eyes

so i can see

God unbind me and set me free!!!

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